Are You Ready To Take Your Leadership Effectiveness To The Next Level? You Can By Applying These 4 Characteristics That Great Leaders Have In Common

As a leader, your attitude is your most important recourse. No matter where you are in your leadership career: experienced, a novice, or working your way there. Your attitude will determine your actions.

The right attitude can be a positive effect multiplier.

The wrong attitude can suck the life out of your people, team, and company.

“Attitude is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, money, circumstances, than failures and success, than what other people think, say, or do. It is more important than appearance, ability, or skill. It will make or break a business, a home, a friendship, an organization.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

Periodically examining your attitude is essential to the health of your team. Take stock for the following four components:

1. Realize you are responsible for the care of your people

Not your direct reports, not your staff, not your minions. Your people.

Each has unique talents, gifts, aspirations, goals, motivations, communication and learning styles. What will work for one may not work for another.

You’re entrusted to teach them, help them grown, and to evolve into giving their best for the greater good. (Whatever the greater good is from customer experience to creating a life-saving product.)

What are you doing to care for your people?

2. Lead out of eagerness to serve, not obligation

The best leaders are the ones who love to lead. Their idea of leadership is doing, not dictating (see #4). They want to help people get better. They want to make a difference. They want to be the one that removes obstacles for others. They want to be the one that elevates others.

What are you excited to bring to your team in 2020?

3. Be concerned for what you can give, not what you can get

Great leaders do not look at leadership as a necessary evil in advancing in their own career. They do not take a leadership position because it has great perks, but look at the people aspect as a burden.

What new skill, product, plan, project, or perspective can you bring to your team to help them?

4. Lead by example, not force

Shoulder-to-shoulder, arm-in-arm, boots on the ground. Great leaders are there in the thick when things are not great. They are also in the background, boosting their people up when things are wonderful.

They remove obstacles, they listen, they learn, they provide the tools or resource their people need to succeed. They don’t blame, they look to resolve.

They don’t command respect with a do-it-or-else attitude. They earn respect by walking the walk and demonstrating the first three qualities. They motivate with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose, not with threats.

How would your team rate you one this? Can you come up with an example of how you lead by example?


We’ve all known a great leader. They are the ones who are the reason you stayed in that crappy job for so long, because you didn’t want to leave them. I’ve had more than one. Mr. Sulllivan, Marty are two of my most favorite leaders who made a huge impact on me.

These concepts apply not only to your people, but to your tasks. How we approach not only our people, but our responsibilities can influence your attitude as a leader and, in turn, your effectiveness.

For me, every once in a while, I have to give myself gentle reminders about eagerness not obligation. Sometimes, when quite busy, details can morph into minutia, which feeds into a mindset of ‘have to’. I remind myself that every piece is important. Without the pebbles in the pea gravel, no foundation can be laid.

As we start this new year, instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, let’s resolve to take a look at our attitude. Is there any room for tweaking to take us from a good to great leader?


As an award winning, published, triple certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Coach & Social Media Brand Analyst I do what I love – help amazing professionals get career happy.


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What Snow In Vegas Has To Do With Your Job Search

I’d never been to Vegas, only flown over the Grand Canyon and never seen Red Rock. So to say I was excited to see these on our anniversary trip would have been an understatement. Not only would I get to see some of the most beautiful nature this country has to offer but it would be warm.

I’m over the cold, I’m over the snow, the ice. The frigid temperatures. Dressing in layers. I’m over the whole winter thing. I can’t stand cold. Going to Nevada in February, where it was supposed to be warm, sunny and no winter in sight.

That was the plan at least. But then there was snow. In Vegas. For the first time in over a decade. Seriously? Who would think they need hats, boots, coats and layers in Vegas??

We did.

The really crappy weather could have ruined our trip. We heard plenty of people complaining about it. Instead, it was one of the best trips we’d ever had.

Because we used our superpower.

The things that most people complained about were actually the benefits. That was the superpower in action: seeing the negative as a positive.

Because of the snow, cold, and rain most people stayed away. We nearly had all the landmarks to ourselves. At the Skybridge at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, the guide told us they normally get over 4,000 people a day. But with the weather that week, they hadn’t even come close to cracking 1,000.

Red Rock
Enjoying the beauty and solitude of Red Rock Canyon
  • Joining us at Red Rock were a handful of serious hikers. Other than that, we were able to be fully immersed in the Canyon and its beauty.
  • Hoover Dam was relaxing going at our own pace without being herded in a crowd.
  • The strip – nearly a ghost town! We had the over-the-street crosswalks and escalators to ourselves. We found a table immediately at the Eataly. Front row for the Bellagio fountains show with no one sharing our space. Anything you wanted to play in any location was completely open.

It was wonderful. We checked things off our bucket list. Chief got to enjoy a 2+ hour tour and see the first Shelby ever built and I got to be fully immersed, nearly in complete solitude, in magnificent, inspiring nature.

Everyone has this superpower, sadly we often chose to ignore it. It is easier to complain about a sky full of clouds instead of seeing a single daffodil blooming at your feet. How you perceive the world has a lot to do with what happens in your world.

So how does this help your job search? By redefining how you look at events. Are you letting things happen to you or letting things that happen guide you?

Here is a superpower fine tune that I learned years ago and I still practice today: I get thankful and excited about rejection.

That’s right, I celebrate the no.

Is this crazy, yeah, probably. But it has made such a difference on so many levels that I don’t care about crazy, I go for the feel good.

Here’s how it works. I’m on the phone with a potential client and we decide for whatever reason that it’s not a good fit to work together. After the call, I say out loud “Thank you! Now there is room for my yes .” I consider any type of no as one step closer to something I want to say yes to.

Here’s a superpower view for job search rejection:

  • That job you were rejected for – good thing, they were offering 30% below market salary.
  • The one that never called back – thank goodness, it was a toxic culture that causes a high turnover.
  • The one that you interviewed for several times then nothing – dodged a bullet there my friend. They are on the brink of disaster and going to pin the downfall on the new guy.

All those rejections keep you open to the right thing. It’s coming, it’s out there. Keep doing the smart strategies: networking, customizing resumes to positions, offering value, keeping your ears open, updating your LinkedIn…

Maybe those rejections get you so frustrated that you reach out for help. Maybe it is someone like me or maybe it is a group that meets regularly and offers a full range of support. (If you are in Indianapolis, I highly, highly recommend Passport to Employment as this supportive group).

Without that rejection, you would not have been ‘pushed’ into getting the help that you needed to get the job you wanted.

Seeing a positive or potential opportunity honestly takes a little bit of work. It is a muscle you have to develop and regularly continue to work to make stronger. Start small.

  • Hit every red light? Whew, you probably missed a major back up or that delay got you there just in time for a premium parking space!
  • Can’t take advantage of a great parking space because someone’s hogging two spaces? Won’t he be sorry when, because of his parking style, his car gets swiped and paint chipped – but not yours!

Start using your superpower today even in the smallest of ways and see how the landscape changes for you.


As a triple certified as a Professional Resume Writer, Career Coach, and Social Media Brand Analyst I help amazing people break out of a suffocating corporate existence and into a position and place that renews their brilliance.

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The One Thing Keeping Your Dreams or Goals from Coming True

Image On the last day of crappy weather this weekend I was nursing some sort of stomach ailment and talking with my best friend about all the things including Spring/Summer projects, dogs and the dream of moving to California in a few years.


We always have wish lists for Spring and Summer; but they never seem to get done.  We usually come back to eventually we want to move so the overwhelming lists seems much easier to dismiss when we view it from the “I won’t be here forever” perspective.


And then my best friend said something in all her infinite wisdom.  “So what if we lived like we want to then, now.”    


Well, damn.


So that beautiful vegetable and herb garden we envision we plant this year, of course minus the avocado trees.  The peaceful flower garden surrounding the deck, surrounds it this year.  That piece of peace that serves as inspiration for future goals become current reality. 


It started to sink in.  Then she asked a question that drove it home: “Why are we waiting – don’t we deserve it now?”


Well, double damn.


I drew out plans for the garden and herb garden.  I made a completely new wish list and I didn’t skimp.  I listed all the things I want done to create my own little world just the way I see it a few years from now.  Some repair work in the house, painting, some building and lot of cultivating outside. 


Of course my zeal was heightened because just last week my 21 year old son told me to make him a list.  He wants to do any work his dad and me can come up with in appreciation of us helping him with school and housing costs.  He doesn’t like taking money for free, he wants to feel like he is earning it.


Heck, yeah.  First, I am proud that he has gone from a kid that growing up couldn’t grasp the concept of a trash can to a young man that wants to earn his own way.  Second, he is a strong kid and honestly, I can absolutely use the help!


The conversation has stayed with me.  As I began my “work week” I realized how this lesson wasn’t just for me.  Too often I hear people talk about transitioning into new positions or industries to get start living a new reality. 


The one thing that keeps dreams and goals from coming true is staring us right back in the mirror.  We do it to ourselves by pushing those ideals out to the future.  We see then as a complete package – we have to have the whole thing, in one big fell swoop, and that only happens in the future. 



It happens now by changing our attitude and taking many small steps to get to that whole transformation.


That garden isn’t going to go into full bloom overnight.  I see it in my mind a wondrous place that I can go pick tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and herbs to make fresh salads and bruschetta.

But first I have to till up the old soil, get rid of the top layer, build a fence to keep my tomato-stealing puppies out, build boxes for the herbs, fill in the right kind of soil, plant all the plants, weed, water, strain, get dirty and sweat a lot.  Then, after time, it will evolve to my wondrous garden.


The first thing is knowing what that garden looks like.  What is that place look like for you?  Is it a new environment, more money, different responsibilities?  What about that future place is going to make a difference? 


What if you don’t know what that new place looks like?  That’s ok.  Think about what comes to mind when you think of a better future.  Is it a certain feeling, like a feeling of accomplishment?


Either way, get an idea of what that new place looks or feels like and start implementing it now.  Start looking at your current position in life and ask yourself, “What can I change here, now, to make it more in line with that next place.”


Wanting to learn new skills; look around where you currently are and ask to be a part of a new project.  Partner with co-workers asking them to teach you something you don’t know.  Come into work with a new perspective – as though you are new.  Where can you make a difference, what can you improve? 


I need to build a fence and gate to close off the garden.  I have been researching, figuring out what materials I need, what tools I will need and how to put it together.  I am not a carpenter, but I have the ability to research, learn and put it in practice.


Start living in that feeling of accomplishment now.  Even if you cannot make a change today, look back at your day and allow yourself to see your accomplishments.  How did you make a difference?  How did you help someone, a co-worker or client, how did you make their life just a little easier?  That is an accomplishment.


Start living that future now.  See yourself in that role.  If you were offered that position tomorrow how would you prepare for it today?  Would you need any additional education?  Sign up.  Would you need more leadership experience?  Start stepping up where you are asking for more and pay attention to how you treat people.  Is that how a leader treats people?


Jim Croce sang about working at the car wash blues, he was an undiscovered Howard Hughes that sould be sitting in an air conditioned office in a swivel chair instead of rubbing bumpers with a rag and walking home in soggy shoes.


You may be walking in soggy shoes now, but start walking with the presence of where you want to be and pretty soon you will start seeing how what steps you need to take action on to transition from car bumpers to swivel chairs.


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Brand Strategist & Career Coach

Certified Professional Resume Writer


When the Dog Pees on the Bed



Overall, I am positive person.  I do not look at a glass half empty or half full – I look at it as I need more wine.  I have learned long ago that it is up to me to take full accountability for my life. I am solely responsible for my failures and my successes. 


Given that, I still have crappy days.  I remember one night I walked into my bedroom after letting the dogs out for the night only to watch my biggest pup jump up on my bed, turn around a few times and then pee on the comforter.  Seriously.  He peed on my bed.  Luckily, I was able to let out some sort of noise that interrupted the flow and it was only a bit, but still.


He peed on my bed!


I gathering my bedding and hauling it to the washing machine and, I will admit, cursing at the dog not so much under my breath.  I was tired, ready for bed and here I was waiting for the wash.  It helped a little when I looked over and saw the look on his face as if saying to me, “What, I’m doing this because I love you.  Rub my belly!”  Still, it was a crappy night. 


Luckily, it was at the end of the day and not the beginning or it could have possibly turned into starting the day with the dog peeing on the bed and ended with a full moon, mercury in retrograde, zombie apocalypse type of day.  


Lately I have been in a funk.  The dog hasn’t peed on the bed for some time, full moons have come and gone and I have no idea what Mercury is up to so what the heck?  I am being positive and yet I was feeling like the whole pack peed all over the bed and I didn’t know it until I climbed into bed. 


The positive in me was reaching for the wine.  But then that the little voice in my head whispered one little word:




What I realized is that in the last few days a couple of people in my life are going through a rough time.  As a recovering fixer, I was taking on their anger, frustration, heartbreak and sadness.  I was soaking up all that crap like a sponge and they were oblivious. 


Well, that is just darn selfish.  How selfish of me to assume anything on their account.  It didn’t help their situation and it certainly was not helping me. 


That is when I realized the positive in me wasn’t reaching for the wine to pour more, it was reaching for it to knock me upside the head with it.


I have had some big projects that I have been working on and soaking up their stuff was interfering with it. 


How many times do we do this?  Maybe we have a big project at work, are looking for a job or trying to position ourselves for a promotion at work and then all of a sudden we are completely side-tracked.


We start taking on other people’s stuff and start having the dog peed on the bed kind of days.


Stop it.  It isn’t your bed.


I am going to suggest something that will sound completely selfish: focus on you.


Yes, that is selfish, but that is the point.  If I had called you and told you the dog peed on my bed you would probably laugh.  You aren’t going to be mad at my dogs or take on my bad mood.  Heck no, you would laugh.  I would.  Maybe even tell me to have fun cleaning that up or better me than you.


So why do we feel it necessary to take the sheets of the bed for other people?  Now if I continued to go on and on and on about the dog peeing on the bed most people would probably start to limit their communications with me.  I would.  My thought would be, “for crying out loud, wash the sheets and get over it.”


But too often we allow other people to keep telling us over and over about the dog peeing.  That is when we need to put space between us, even if temporarily.  That is what being selfish is all about: giving yourself space.  They may get mad at you and call you selfish, but that is just because they are too wrapped up in the incident to move forward.  Leave them be.


It is like playing a game of basketball and sitting on the bench so the other guy can keep shooting because he is having a bad day.  No, you do not lower yourself because someone else is not able to raise his or herself.


The most important thing you can do for yourself is to be selfish in your commitment to take care of yourself, achieve your goals and be a positive world citizen.  This makes you a better leader, family member and candidate for a position.  Allow others to have their days while returning focus to yourself and your goals. 


It is okay to offer to help make the bed when the washing is done, just don’t let them bring the bedding with the pee on it to your house to wash. 


Lisa K McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach & Brand Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer


Want vs. Expect

apples and orangesWhy do you do the things you do in building your business or in job searching?  What is the reasoning behind your actions: because you want a result or expect a result?


The end game is the same: the result.  However, the attitude is completely different and therefore will affect your actions and ultimately the result.


If you perform certain tasks expecting to reach the result you will often times be disappointed.  The sad truth in life is just because you take the right steps does not mean that you get the right results.  I have come to discover that just as important as the steps, possibly more important, is the attitude in taking those steps.


If searching for a job you can redo your resume, network, apply for positions and do activities every day to obtain a job.  However, if you expect any or all of these items to land that job then you are demanding of other parties to fulfill your desire.


It is like sending out a message, “Hey, I talked to you, I sent you my resume, I’ve done everything that I was supposed to now do what you are supposed to and give me that job!”


Not quite the hirable message.


If, on the other hand, you perform all these tasks, still with the end result of getting a job in mind, but you do so in a manner that is beneficial to you; you are collaborating with the other parties to come to agreement in getting the right job.


The difference in attitude: you redo your resume to gain greater insight into your abilities, skills and value.  You do so in a manner that improves your ability to communicate these things to another party and you take it as a learning experience.   You gain value in what you are doing, instead of having the attitude that changing a piece of paper will demand of them to hire you.


When networking you take interest in others, share value, assist and learn about them.  You do not see it as a way to collect cards and expect others to make that introduction just because you met them.  You see it also as a way to not just get potential leads for positions, help others but also build a network that can grow and expand beyond getting a new position.


In building your business do you perform tasks because it is a necessary evil to get a client or because you enjoy doing them?  For example seminars or workshops, I love these. I love giving them and facilitating them.  One comment that I receive more than any other after a presentation is that people enjoyed it because they could tell I enjoy it and love what I do.


I do not gain a lot of business out of these, but I do them because I love them.  I do not give a workshop with the intent that I will garner x new clients out of each presentation.  I put that out of my mind and focus on giving an informative and interactive presentation that lends value to others.


What I have found is it is often not those in attendance that I get a call from – it is someone that the attendees recommended to call me, based upon their perception of me during the presentation.


In other words, whether you are building your business or job searching – perform your tasks because you want to not because you expect them to immediately result in your goal.


You can do all the right things and still not get the results you want.  When that frustration hits that is when I am reminded of a funny quote I saw once, “Expecting good things to happen because you are a good person is like standing in front of a hungry lion and expecting him not to eat you because you are nice to him.”


It does stink when you do all the right things and do not get what you want, I understand this and can completely empathize with it.  That is when I realized why the attitude is so important.  It lessons the disappointment and allows you to see opportunity.


If I do something just to get a result and I don’t get it, even if I went about it the right way, I am going to be some level of ticked off.  But, if I do all the right things with an attitude of giving, learning and growing then when I do not get the result I want I realize it is because there is a better opportunity out there.  Had I accepted the original result then I would have been in a position where I missed out on something even better.


Take stock in what you are doing this week and ask yourself: “Am I doing this because it brings value to me or others and I really enjoy doing it – or – am I doing it because I expect a result?”


A slight change in attitude behind the actions can make all the difference.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


The Traffic Jam of Job Searching

trafficjambyguardianThis morning I had a wonderful and extra long pone call with my best friend.  This is an every day event for us, talking on the phone before work, but today it was even better because we had two full hours to ourselves.


There was an accident on her way to work.  Still waiting on word about the driver of the truck, but we have not heard any other injuries so good thoughts and prayers for all involved.


During this talk she kept bursting out in little fits of laughter.  About a mile from the accident and thick in the traffic for well over an hour she saw a city truck in front of her with one of those digital signs on the top of it.  The message it was displaying was, “Accident ahead.”  For those that were a little slow on the pick up.


Another incident that brought laughter was the man behind her who honked and was quite noticeably irritated.  The reason for this one was they had just come up to a sign indicating that the two lanes were going to converge into one.  Not one single car in front of her was letting anyone in, neither was the guy behind her.


So she slowed down to let about six cars in the line before her.  The guy behind her was infuriated.  He finally pulled out and went around her – only to cut in front of someone up ahead.


As we enjoyed our long talk catching up on our Sundays and talking about plans for today, this week and this and that we both made the observation how easily this snafu was for her.


It was because of her attitude.


She could have easily been irritated or upset about the traffic jam but that would not make it speed up or go any faster.  Instead, she saw it as a little blessing – a time to catch up with her best friend, relax and just enjoy the time.


My best friend is awesome.


That is when it dawned on me that job searching is a lot like being stuck in a traffic jam.


Sometimes you are just going to be stuck in the system somewhere: not sure what is going on in front of you and unable to turn around and go back.  You are forced to just sit there, inching along, completely helpless but without any recourse.


The traffic will clear, all will be ok and you will reach your destination but this is a opportunity.


You have the choice of being upset, frustrated and taking it out on all the people around you that have nothing to do with the situation.


Or you can take it as a forced moment of pause.  You can take the time to reach out to someone, take time for yourself or just simply reflect on what you want to do when you get to your destination.


It is all about your attitude.


We all get stuck in the jam, but some of us come out better in the end because we choose to.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


Don’t Believe Everything You Think

superpower noiseI have found that I have an incredible superpower – which I share with a LOT of people.  The ability to talk myself out of pretty much anything in a single bound.


It’s amazing really.


This power is big, loud and always present.


Want to try a new exercise routing *pow* “you don’t have the time; it is going to be too hard; seriously, you are over 40 who are you kidding; you’re a little too far gone to start now; really, doesn’t a nap sound better….”


Want to eat healthy *boom* “you know that triple chocolate cake looks really good I’m sure I has healthy stuff in it; a burger and fries would be so much cheaper and quicker; it’s more expensive to eat healthy; it takes too much time to fix all that stuff; chocolate, chocolate, chocolate….”


Want to take a chance on something new *bam* “you are just going to get rejected; you are going to get hurt again; why put yourself out there like that; it’s a lot safer not to; happiness shnappiness safety doesn’t hurt….”


If I believed everything I thought I would be 400 pounds and have a house full of cats.


Thank goodness I found the kryptonite to this superpower.  Everyone has it, but few recognize it or find it because it is small, quiet and isn’t nearly as splashy as the superpower.  It is also goes by different names:










To Hell With It


Everyone has it in them.  The trick is activating this kryptonite.


When that flashy superpower starts kicking all you have to do to release the kryptonite is say two little words:


Shut up.


And it begins.  Then you strengthen it by talking back to that superpower and completely destroy it by taking action.


Shut up.  I am too young to feel this old.  I’ll get back to you after I’m done on the treadmill.


Shut up.  I love having energy and sleeping well.  You are going to have to wait while I finish making my healthy, fabulous dinner.


Shut up.  I love taking risks.  Yes, I have been hurt but man, I have also had some great times and better ones ahead.


Personally, I love my kryptonite.  In the last month it helped me kick a major pop habit, poor eating habits and a very lazy lifestyle.


Drinking water with a fresh lemon squeezed in it in the morning while on the treadmill, followed by small meals of fresh veggies, fruit and a protein centered dinner, mediating, being open, trying new things and putting myself out there has resulting in having more energy than I have in years, feeling younger than ever, a healthy glow, a fantastic attitude, some new opportunities and waking up feeling grateful for the adventure of a new day.


And it has only been a month.


That kryptonite is some pretty powerful stuff.


I still have a ways to go yet, there are still some habits I haven’t wanted to kick yet and some challenges that I am still pecking at one day at a time, but it I’ve just begun.


And it all began with two little words: shut up.


One bam, power or boom at a time – shut up.


With each defeat of the superpower the kryptonite gets stronger.


Where is your superpower kicking in today?  What are you thinking that you shouldn’t believe?  What do you really want?  Are you ready to take that first step?  A new job, a promotion, to ask that girl out, to clean up that extra bedroom, to start taking care of yourself, to be a better friend, to start a new hobby, to make sure those you love know you love them?


Then make today the day that you say shut up.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


Welcome to the Blame Game Where There Are No Winners

And here are a few of our lucky contestants for this round, please introduce yourselves:


Player A: “My job stinks”

Player B: “No one will hire me”

Player C:  “They are all against me”


Ok – I think that is enough contestants for today!


Player A, why don’t you tell us a little more about yourself…


Player A:  “Well, I work like a dog and it doesn’t matter.  I hardly make anything.  My boss is a jerk and my coworkers are idiots.  I dread going into that place everyday, I swear the building just sucks the life out of me.”


Good to know, Player B…


Player B:  “I can do anything just give me a chance, but no one will talk to me.  I know it is because I am too old or too young.  I can’t help it that I don’t have the perfect work history, but that shouldn’t matter, they should talk to me because I know I can do anything.  They say they are hiring but I know they aren’t unless you are married to one of the higher-ups.  I keep seeing all these perfect jobs on the job boards but they just never respond.”


Thanks for that, Player B; now how about you Player C:


Player C:  “I work like a dog and no one cares, I never get promoted, never get asked to be on project teams and they don’t even listen to my ideas.  I know more than everyone else but it doesn’t matter, they are all jealous and try to keep me down because they don’t want to admit I am better than them.  There was a job I was going to go for but then I decided not to and someone else took it, the rat bastard.  It isn’t fair that they are happy there, that should have been my job.  It isn’t my fault I didn’t go for it, it just wasn’t the right time, I just wasn’t feeling it.  And why the heck is everyone so happy for them?  They should hate them because I said so.”


Alrighty then.  Looks like we have a robust group here and we are off to a really good start; a thousand points to all of you!


Before we continue let’s see if you really, really qualify to be here.


Player A, is there any chance that perhaps your attitude is affecting your co-workers and boss and that is why you feel such a disconnect?  Can you find any good in the work that you do or the people that you work with?  How about approaching your boss or co-workers and asking how you can improve your performance or assist them?  Is there any appreciation for the fact that you are gainfully employed and able to provide for yourself and your family?  Perhaps if you focused on these do you think your situation would improve?


Player B, have you tried re-evaluating your skill set and tailoring it to the needs of the companies that are hiring?  If you are able to demonstrate and articulate what it is that you can do specifically and how then they will be able to see you in that position.  What about networking?  You know sitting in front of that computer all day is not going to get you a job, right; anywhere from 70-80% of all jobs obtained are through networking.  How about approaching open positions with the attitude of being the solver of their problems rather than deserving of getting the job just because you said so?


Player C:  Do you attempt to be on a team, do you ask other people’s opinions or to be on the teams?  Do you act as a member of the team focused on the company’s goals and mission?  Have you defined what you want in order to be able to communicate this to your boss and also know yourself so you can take decisive actions?  As far as the other opportunity, if you didn’t go for it have you asked yourself why?  Where you maybe afraid of failure so you just stayed in an unhappy place just to be safe?  And why can’t the other person be happy and people be happy for them?  That’s like breaking up with someone but then getting mad at them when they move on and telling your friends and family to hate them – that’s not fair.  You’re the idiot that passed it up so what do you care?  Is there a chance to make amends?  Are you perhaps projecting your own unhappiness on everyone else just so you don’t have to make changes?


Player A: “Oh hell no!”

Player B: “That will never work!”

Player C: “Whatever!”


Yep, you all qualify and another thousand points to you all!  You are qualified to continue to play this game over and over and over again until there is no one left around you who can stand to hear your whine, cry and drone on about the same things over and over and over again.


Good thing because if you quit this game you might actually find happiness, purpose, joy and self-fulfillment.  Ick! Who wants that?!


Okay, a little extreme I know.  Although there are some statements that I have heard from time to time but those are other stories.  The point is what you want is out there and it is within reach.  All you have to do is realize that you have the ability to make it happen.


Sometimes it does feel like life or work is against us and it can be really easy to go into the blame game but I beg of you to stop if you start to sound like any of the contestants.  It will only deepen the dark hole.  Yes, bad things happen, unfavorable situations do exist; but they are not the be all end all of your world.  You may not be able to change the world or the entire company but you can make a change to your attitude, thoughts and actions.


Re-evaluating where you are and how you got there can give you a good idea of what you do not want.  Then it gives you the opportunity to put in place a new plan and actions.  Take each one step by step and be prepared for resistance at first.  If you have been an ass for a really long time it will take people time to believe and accept you in your new role; but it can happen.


Decide what is really important to you and go for it, with passion, determination and confidence knowing that when we change our attitude we change everything.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


There Are No Shoes Lingering Above Your Head

Everyone needs a person in their life that helps them get through the bad times, but equally as important, helps them let in the good.

I have an amazing best friend – she is my life accountability person, my gut check, my reality check and that annoying little voice in my head at times. She is the one that knows me so well and respects me enough to tell me at times, “Really, you really think so?” which just annoys that heck out of me because I know she is right in calling me out on something.

And we are exactly the same so I know I serve this same value to her – which brings me great joy knowing I’m the annoying voice in her head sometimes – payback!

Yet it is so common to adopt the tendency of resisting good things that come into your life. This may sound ridiculous – who would not want more good things in our life and why on earth would we resist them? Ask yourself this, have you ever thought to yourself:

• This is too good to be true…
• What good can come of this…
• I’m just waiting for the second shoe to drop…
• Wonder how long this is going to last…

If so, then you, my friend, have resisted something good. We all love positive things, but we get so ingrained to prepare for the best expect the worse that we tend to under-appreciate the good or let it pass all together.

This is a choice. Change your choice. Now.

Think of any type of good, no matter how big or small, as a compliment. Most people I know are terrible at receiving compliments. I had to learn how to shut up and say thank you. So when any type of good comes your way simply tell your mind to shut up and say thank you – period.

I do a bit of contract writing. This is a small project and not especially lucrative; however, with every assignment I stop and say thank you aloud. It helps me remember to be grateful for everything positive that comes into my life.

Sometimes we get so fixated on the larger, end result that we neglect the simple everyday positives that come along the road to achievement. When we start to neglect or ignore them our path can be diverted. If we end up not achieving that goal we can tend to become even more negative.

A couple of months ago I was working on a collaborative project with an amazing woman who also owned her own company. We had a goal and a target and I was very excited about seeing this project come to fruition. To date, it has not, and quite possibly will not.

Now, I had a choice – on one hand I could be upset that this project did not pan out like we had hoped and grumble about time or opportunity lost. But I chose the other hand. I am grateful.

Had it not been for this project I would not have gotten to know this woman as well as I do, and I can say that she is bright, intelligent and business savvy. We process information and create vision in a very similar manner. She is a good sounding board for ideas and thoughts.

I also enjoy her humor, wit and personal commentary. I am grateful that I was able to spend some time getting to know this person in a personal and professional manner and consider her a friend and ally on both counts.

You may not get the job you want or land the prospect you want – but that does not mean that the journey was worthless. Take some time to step back and look at the entire picture to find and appreciate the good.

With this choice in attitude your next adventure should heed you even more positive results – if you are willing to recognize them and let them in.

Next post…Everyone succeeds; some are just successful at failing. Why it is important and how to recognize your successes and build on them.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Coach-Strategist
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Career Polish, Inc.

A Change in Your Attitude Line Up Puts Things in Perspective

After speaking at the Business & Professional Exchange this morning I came home to a bit of bad news. Nothing earth shattering, just frustrating. So I chatted with my best friend about this, as we girls have a tendency to do.

Funny thing is, I think she was more upset for me than I was for myself. No matter your pain, your girlfriends will always feel it worse for you! Although I told her it was okay, it is time to let go of anger about past situations, clean up the present and move on. I am all about taking a postive approach these days. She agreed it was the right attitude, but just wished things would stop piling on me. I admit, I had a moment of self-pity and wished the same thing; however, the way I look at it is if you keep starting from a lower point it just means you have a higher accomplishment waiting for you.

That’s how I am choosing to look at it. In this situation I thought that I knew everything that needed to be done, but then life threw a curve and took me a step back. That’s ok, we all need curve balls now and then. I mean how boring would it be if every major league pitcher threw only fast balls? Anyway, it is not like I took one for the team and it took me out of the game. It was just a slider that caught the outside corner for strike three. It was just one out, not the entire ballgame. Besides, this pitcher is getting tired and I’m just getting warmed up!