I Did Not Connect with You on LinkedIn Because of Your Facebook Picture

LinkedIn is LinkedIn and Facebook is Facebook. They are two different venues, environments and interactions. Facebook is the silly, personal side. LinkedIn is the business side. I am not going to belabor the point of mixing behavior between the two. This article is only about the profile picture, and why using a Facebook type picture […]

Networking: Break the Rules to Make Connections

This morning I had the pleasure of doing one of my favorite things: talk to a group about one of my favorite topics – the elevator pitch. If you are in business the elevator speech should not be anything new to you. It is simply 30 seconds of verbal mayhem that supports or blows up […]

For Crying Outloud Don’t Tell Me You are in Sales

Do you know the quickest way to alienate or mislead prospects and potential contacts? You might be doing it every time you network. How do you answer the questions, “What do you do?” If you answer with a title, you are alienating or misleading. A title in this situation is either a name for your […]

Do Not Marry or Do Business with Every One That Proposes to You

I had to stop myself from doing the long, dramatic “No” scream when talking to a business owner the other day. We were discussing branding and the conversation turned to clients.  This is when they told me that they would work with anyone. Anyone?  As in anyone and everyone? No!!!!!!! Their reason was simple: they […]

You Can Plan and Prepare but You Can Not Control

Preparation and planning are wonderful things.  They make us feel in control, in charge, confident and sometimes invincible.  Then your dogs pee in the middle of your ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  More on this later. Keys to successful interviews, client presentations, performance reviews or speaking engagement hinges on preparation, this I do not argue. What […]

The 1 Thing To Do RIGHT NOW To Recharge, Launch or Boost Your Career, Business or Job Search

I am going to let you in on a very powerful secret.  It is something that you can do immediately upon reading it that will literally change the game.   Imagine people helping you, willingly and with joy, find that right job or connect you to the right clients.   And it will start to […]

Thanksgiving is Over – Does This Mean No More Daily Gratitude?

Facebook can be such a fun thing – a place to share pictures of your family (two and four legged), funny stories, interesting news tidbits and the occasional lists.  A tradition, it seems, is for the month of November for you to post every day something you are grateful for.   I watched closely this […]

If You Are Apologizing For the Why Then It’s the Wrong Why or the Wrong Audience

One of the first questions I ask prospects interested in working together for either career advancement, business building or job searching is “What is going on?”   For me to get an accurate understanding of where they have been and where they want to go I need to understand where they are now – and […]

Are You Expecting Too Much From Your LinkedIn Profile?

As a resume writer, career and business coach I am one of the first people that will tell you how important a LinkedIn profile is – a good LinkedIn profile – for you and your career/business.   I will also tell you that it will be a very good tool to use in combination with […]

Want vs. Expect

Why do you do the things you do in building your business or in job searching?  What is the reasoning behind your actions: because you want a result or expect a result?   The end game is the same: the result.  However, the attitude is completely different and therefore will affect your actions and ultimately […]