Building New Habits Is Hard, Let’s Do This Small One Together

I’m a creative, a communicator, a storyteller. If you map out anything I do, the path is all winding and it’s drawn with every color of the rainbow. I live with a retired Chief (U.S. Navy) who went in with a very Type A personality. His map is a straight line in black and white. […]

My Dogs Do Not Recognize Daylight Savings Time

This weekend was the dreaded day of setting our clocks ahead an hour.  Oh, the horror of loosing an hour. Whatever.   Even worse having to actually, physically change all the clocked that are not electronic and do it on their own.  I normally forget to reset one of the manual ones and don’t figure […]

Making a Switch In Your Head

During the course of our life we have certain jobs that either teach us or present us with the opportunity to develop certain skills.  At that time those skills serve us very well, they make us very successful in those positions.   But then life happens.  The job changes, new management comes in, we lose […]