If It Doesn’t Fit – Don’t Wear It

Short, shorty, tiny, pint-size, munchkin – these are all words that I forbid my son from calling me since the age of seven. I knew he was going to be over six foot tall and well, I’m five foot. Maybe a half an inch or inch more, but really, at this size it does not […]

The Art of Listening – Part One

I really do think listening is an art, a skill, a forgotten practice in today’s world. One of my favorite lines is courtesy of Sawyer Brown in the song Small Talk: “You got two ears boy and just one tongue • He said the reason why were made that way • We got more to […]

Practice Makes Perfect – but what if you have bad form?

One of my greatest joys is watching my son play baseball. One of my greatest frustrations is watching him drop his back shoulder in the batters box. His warm up swing is great, but once he steps in that box – BOOM, he drops it. Oh, he had been told about this, but he kept […]

So Tell Me, Why Did You Leave Your Last Position?

“My boss was a butthead.” No, no, no – it may have been true, but you cannot answer this way! We have all wanted to at one time or another, but no – I strongly suggest against it. If your position was eliminated, were laid off, or anything that was truly out of your control […]

What are Your Weaknesses?

This question can be asked in many different forms during an interview, but the bottom line is you should be prepared to answer it in one way or another. It is a terrible question, I agree. I had to ask it when I was interviewing candidates and it was not much fun on the other […]

So Tell Me About Yourself…

The interview is set. You arrived a few minutes early, checked that you have a clean copy of your resume and references, dressed professionally – you are all set to knock their socks off during this interview. You are ushered into an office asked to please take a seat, watch your interviewer sit across from […]