Thanksgiving – A Time To Create Your Own Personal Sales Force

I remember as a little girl having huge family gatherings for Thanksgiving with extended family that I only saw once a year catching up around enough food to feed an army. It was fun, although what I remember most is a slice pumpkin pie hidden under mounds of whipped cream. Maybe that is what I […]

Write Your Resume Because Your Mother Said So

  When my son Jake was growing up, “because I said so” was not – in his mind – a valid reason for a request. He was, and is, stubborn, intelligent, quick witted and a challenge-any-establishment-kind of kid. As he gets older, I can appreciate these qualities, most of the time. Of course there are […]

The Infestation of Fleas in Your Job Search

​   I have three dogs.  Three spoiled, indoor and office dogs.  If you call our office you might, just might, here a glimpse of them, although they are pretty well trained to know the sound of the phone triggers quiet time on their part.  That might just be the only way they are trained. […]

Help Your Network Help You Get The Job You Want

  I had never been to New York City until this week.  All I can say is – I am going back.  I was there two days, walked over 20 miles and barely scratched the surface on things to experience, see and do.  I will not even start on the food, let’s just say it […]

Not Looking For A Job Is The Perfect Time To Prepare For a New Job

As a parent, I think we all have that one saying or phrase that absolutely drives our kids crazy. If you would ask my son I am sure it would be ‘you lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part’. He would ‘forget’ about projects, deadlines or responsibilities and somehow it would […]

Is Your Mouth Cutting You Off From Your Network?

It fascinates me how it really is a small world. I really do think there is something to the theory of six degrees of separation.  It is fun discovering the connections with people that you meet. These connections can help forge strong networks and connections.  People in your network remember you because of something shared. […]

How Do You Explain You?

One of my favorite quotes and guiding principles comes courtesy of the great Albert Einstein: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” This is something I learned from my dad.  Heaven help that man, he was ‘blessed’ with a very curious daughter who liked to ask a lot of questions […]

You Are Not An Old Dog Stuck In A Career – You Can Learn New Tricks

I was at a party last weekend and had a wonderful conversation about dogs with a fellow guest.  Us dog people can sniff each other out in a crowd.  I mentioned that I had hired a trainer to train me on how to train my dogs and he was quite interested as he had a […]

Really Connect When Networking By Getting Torn Apart

I used to attend quite a few networking events as a friend of mine before he relocated.  He was a great networker, always bringing new people to events.  He liked to play a game with them, the poor unsuspecting people. Many that he brought were new to networking or did not feel comfortable, so he […]

9 Strategic, Subtle Steps for Job Searching While Still Employed

It has been a great run. The company that you are with had done well, you were able to add value, you had a great team and came to work with purpose and eagerness to keep it rolling. But something happened along the way. Leadership changed, markets declined, good people left, culture morphed into a […]