MarkingTerritory With Ninja Vegetables

I just have to first start by saying I love my friends.  They are the kind of people that make you laugh so hard you that you snort when you laugh and of course they call you a name for that.  They are also an amazing bunch that are in essence kind, loving and enjoy life.


Most are in relationships so they look out for me as the single gal.  Not sure that I still believe in knights in shining whatever they fill that void for me.  They always have my best interest at heart – even if they are making fun of me or my dating fiascos.


So imagine my surprise when last night four of us were out and about and in an instant testosterone flared and the gauntlet was thrown; but that gauntlet just happened to be a carrot.


Yes, a carrot.


My girlfriend and I were off to the side and a gentleman came up and began a conversation with us.  He walked us back to her boyfriend and my friend and continued the conversation with the rest of the group.  The temperature may have been dropping outside but the testosterone was rising in our general vicinity.


In a blur new guy did something unappreciated, my friend stood up and told him it was time for him to leave and my girlfriend and I looked at each other with puzzled looks as in “what just happened?”


When my friend was explaining his actions to her boyfriend it was then revealed that he threw a carrot at new guy before standing up and telling him to leave.  The way it was presented was though it was an every day, normal action that any man would have done.


It was at this point I stopped him and said, “Wait – you threw a carrot at the man?  You defended my honor with a carrot?!


He really wasn’t defending my honor, it was more a marking of territory, but it was still a carrot.  And since he was so quick in chucking vegetables that none of us noticed it he commented that it was a ninja carrot.


A ninja carrot.


Kids I am not making this up – and I have witnesses.  The ironic part is my friend has stated that he is going to make it a mission to find that right guy for me.  Apparently there is a carrot test.  Who knew.


You know, sometimes people want to help you but their actions or words can be counter productive to the situation.  When job searching and interviewing this can rear its head during the follow up when prospective employers are talking to your references.


They may have your best intention at heart but what they communicate or how they communicate it may actually do more damage than good.


This is why it is a good idea to prep your references prior to anyone contacting them.  It is okay to ask them what they will say or what they think are your best skills and attributes.  You want to have an idea of what they are going to say to make sure it is in line with what you are presenting to the prospective employer.


If, in hearing their answers, you feel that they may not help the cause you can choose to not list them on your references – without them knowing.


One way to help make sure that the message is consistent it to give them your resume.  You can ask them to review it just to get their thoughts but what you are really doing is giving them a script.  This way they have at hand what it is that you have presented to the prospective employer and they will not be caught off guard when they get that call.


As for me, now I know that when my friend and I go out again that there cannot be any veggie trays in the general vicinity.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

Bad Blind Date Or Dream Job – References Can Make All The Difference

Often times in job searching we forget about the power of communication, not in our own, but others. Specifically – our professional references. These individuals can help you in securing that dream job or they can shoot your chances in the foot. It is important to know what others would say in giving you a recommendation. It is kind of like setting you up for a blind date – it is really important to have the right information.

I love my friends, but I often wondered what I have done to some of them that they feel some secret need to pay me back in the most abhorrent way – a blind date. This is when you really find out what your friends think of you – let me tell you! Or it is an exercise in the importance of some very simple questions. Here are a few examples:

I’m in my early 40s, my son will be 19 in two weeks, the baby factory is closed, I do not want any more children. Why on earth would someone set me up with a man who wants to START a large family? (Will your reference infer that you will not work beyond the 9-5 hours no matter what?)

I’m blond. Combine this with the fact that I am a girl does not naturally lead to the conclusion that I am an idiot. Why on earth would you think someone that feels the need to explain everything from which fork to use to what was being discussed on tv in great detail as though I’m five would be a good night for me? (Will your references infer that you are unable to learn new tasks, duties or responsibilities?)

For the most part I am a very positive person, I look to enjoy life and love to laugh. Anyone that knows me pretty much knows this about me – I think one of the most, if not the most, attractive features of a man is the ability to make me laugh and to laugh at himself. So setting me up with no humor at all is a receipt for disaster! No humor – none, zilch, nada, no sign of life call it. (Will your references infer that you are unable to see the bigger picture?)

I’m a tomboy. I had a real homerun by being set up with a guy who assumed since I was a girl I knew nothing about sports so he felt the need to explain baseball to me – seriously. (Will your references infer that you are not well versed in your field?)

Let’s not forget the guy that continually flexed while he talked, laid out the ground rules that he doesn’t call if I want to see him it’s my job to contact him, he doesn’t believe in showing a girl he likes her until he knows she’s all into him that way he isn’t going to get hurt…oh, sign me up. (Will your references infer that you do not take appropriate steps to go above and beyond?)

Oh and then there was the guy who insisted all women were the same and we all liked frilly wallpaper, cheated on their boyfriends, only looked to see how much a man made and were always looking for someone to take care of them. This was in the first half hour of meeting him that I was treated to his staunch views of women. Gee, I wonder why he was single…. (Will your references infer that you are unable to work within a diverse environment?)

At first after these “experiences” I think to myself: where is that great guy? The one that has a great sense of humor, is comfortable with himself, has a conversation with me, if he likes me actually calls me, doesn’t mind trying new things, gives romance a try and above all can be my friend as we figure anything else out. I think I’ve created this guy in my mind.

The more I start to ponder this it then hits me – what the heck do my friends think of me to set me up with the above cast rejects? I think back to how they described these unfortunate candidates compared to the person that actually showed up. The two do not match – at all, not even in the least. Okay, maybe the height, but not always then.

If someone is going to give you a referral it is in your best interest to know what they would say about you. Oh sure, blind dates are great excuses to have wine with your girlfriends, but when it comes to a job – a bad referral is no joking matter.

Sometimes people want to help, and they do their best; but the way in which they deliver their message is not received in the way it was intended. I had one guy tell me that my friend’s husband told him I was adamant that I never wanted to get married so not to even mention it. (Which makes me wonder why he was even mentioning it if in fact it were true…). When I talked to the husband and told him what was said he laughed and told me that was not even near what he said. Messages get mixed up and confused.

Make sure your professional references are speaking to your best qualities and do not be afraid to ask them what they would say if contacted for a reference. If you feel uncomfortable in doing so, simply tell them that you are working on your resume and maybe there is something that they would say that you should highlight more within that resume.

No matter what just find out what they would say and if need be, gently coach them. It is fun to laugh at the single girl’s bad blind dates but loosing a dream job due to a miscommunication is no laughing matter.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Coach-Strategist
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Career Polish, Inc.