Talk is Cheap – Actions Speak Volumes!

“Talk’s cheap” – it is one of my most used phrases, it is right up there with “Seriously” so that is saying a lot. Seriously.  My kids know the phrase well, they have come to understand that simply telling me you are doing something is not enough, you have to prove it by your actions.  Words are a dime a dozen, actions are golden. Good or bad, you are defined not by your words, but by your actions.

So in reviewing resumes today this phrase keeps running through my head – rather it keeps screaming at me from off the pages. The resumes are full of wonderful, creative words but there are no actions behind the words. I’m not the only one who subscribes to this theory, hiring managers also give the phase credence.

For example, please do not tell me that you increased production and decreased waste by effectively utilizing organization and product knowledge skills.  This is great but at the end of this sentence  I want to ask, “So what?”.  So what did this accomplish?  How much did you reduce waste, in what areas and by doing specifically what?  It is still too vague.

How about stating that you increased production by 3% over a six month period by reorganizing the material flow which also increased efficiency and decreased waste by 12%.  Now this was right off the top of my head, but you see how it gives a little more credibility? 

Sometimes you do not have the numbers, but then you should ask yourself if you cannot quantify it, how do you know you had an impact?  That is how you should translate it to your reader.

Give me something to believe!  When I read resumes I go into skeptical mode and my brain starts saying things like, “Prove it; oh yeah, how; really and how did you do that; and what, I’m supposed to believe you because you told me?” 

Just remember when writing your resume you are focusing on the value you bring to the company and when you are in the market for a new product don’t you make the seller prove the value to you?

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Polish, Inc.

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