Technology Cannot Replace the Personal Touch

I’m starting a newsletter. Sounds easy enough, but my goodness, there are a lot of factors to consider: how do I want it to look, what should be included, what should the tone be (okay, that one is not too difficult), will I be dedicated to keep a calendar updated within the newsletter, do I have enough to say…and for those of you that know me – do not answer that last one! There are all of these factors and more that center around distributing something electronically which automatically takes out a bit of your personal touch.

Think about your email etiquette, you know not to use all capital letters or the receiver might think you are screaming at them. Now amplify that and you see my dilemma.

We do so much electronically these days, emails, texting, ordering online…it is quick, convenient and simple. But I miss the personal touch. And I bet I am not alone. So, in my own little way, I try to keep the personal alive.

One of my must do’s for the week, every week, is send out at least five personal note cards. It is easy to send a client a quick email to check in, but every now and then I send a personal note card instead. I have yet to receive a response less than pleasantly surprised every time. I have a vested interest in every person that I work with and each one is unique, special and awesome. The all deserve at least a personal note card!

Whether you are in business or not, I encourage you to step away from the keyboard now and then and drop a friend a note. I love getting mail – except bills, I really don’t like bills, but then again they are a reminder to be thankful that I have the opportunity to have the things I do, but I still don’t like them. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if your bills came in the form of a personal note card? “Cool, the electric company though enough about me to send me this pretty little 4×6 blue note – they like me” I pay for their friendship, I know, but still.

Who wouldn’t like to get a nice card today? You do not have to go to the store and buy the greeting cards. You can go to many different places and get plain cards with matching envelopes that will do just fine. Target has a 200 count set in primary and pastel colors that is about $10. No kidding! Just think how many people you can make happy with $10 – plus postage of course. Don’t forget the postage, the USPS is our friend too!

Whether it be a friend, a co-worker, your 3rd grade teacher or the old couple that lived in your neighborhood, spread the happy and send a personal card. It doesn’t have to be anything more than, “I’m just dropping you a line to say hello and hope that everything is going well with you.” That took all of 30 seconds and you probably just made someone’s day!

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