Tell Them You Want It

woman interviewed by twoMonday I was honored to be the guest speaker at a fantastic organization.  We touched on several aspects of job searching including resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, job fairs and networking. 

There was one point relative to interviewing that I brought up that I think is worthy of its own mention in a blog.  You have to tell them you want the job.

This I have heard from hiring managers, human resource professionals and recruiters: the interviewer cannot read your mind.

Think of it from their perspective.  Their job is to screen you as a qualified candidate.  If they decide that you are a good fit, their other job is to sell you on the position and company.  The interview goes very well, it feels like a good match this could be a win-win for both of you. 

Then the candidate simply ends the interview with a “thank you for your time.”

Isn’t that the same as a flat, “I had fun, thanks.” at the end of a date?  No hint of wanting to see you again, no indication of interest.  Just a flat ending to, what you thought, was a great night?

If you do not tell the interviewer that you are still or even more interested in the position, how are they going to know?  Again, they cannot read your mind! 

Just because you showed up for the interview does not mean you still want the job.  Maybe you heard something in the interview that made you change your mind.  How are they to know?

It may sound simple, yet it could be the difference between and one and done date and a long term relationship.


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Brand Strategist & Career Coach

Certified Professional Resume Writer


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