The are Always Watching You

eyeOne day this week, I happened to look out my window as the mail carrier was delivering mail.  To my surprise, I watched as she nonchalantly took an empty potato chip snack-size bag and drop it in the street.

It took me a minute to register what had happened.  It seemed so odd to me that I started to question if I actually saw what I saw, until I saw the trash start to float down the street.

Yes, I saw it correctly.

I am still a little stunned over this, but it reminded me of a good point: you are always being watched.

Well, that sounds a little creepy, doesn’t  it?  Let’s narrow that field a little bit. As a professional, you are always being watched.

When you are in uniform, you are being watched even when off duty.  When you are at a job fair, employers are watching you as you speak to other people in line or other companies.  When you are going in for an interview, people can and do see you in the parking lot.

It might be easy to put on a good show for an hour or so in a client meeting or interview, but be mindful of all the time leading up to it and after it – they count just as much.

John Wooden said it best when he said, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

Think of it this way, from the moment you walk out your door to the time you return home, you are on stage.  You never know who is in the audience, so make sure you put on a stellar performance.


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Brand Strategist & Career Coach

Certified Professional Resume Writer


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