The Art of Faking It

Ever had an obligation that you needed to fulfill but you just did not want to? There are times in job searching or business building that you must attend networking events or activities even if your heart just isn’t in it. For those times it is important to learn the art of faking it.

Adjust your attire. Sometimes wearing your favorite tie or piece of jewelry can shift your mood. Anything that can put you in a more positive state will help. For me, its shoes; if I’m a little grumpy about going somewhere I put on one of my favorite pair of kick-a$$ heels and instant pick me up – literally.

Smile, smile, smile. It is hard to be grumpy when you are constantly smiling. It is best to use a genuine smile, not a forced one – those are much easier to see right through. So, here’s trick to help you smile: try saying something to yourself that will make you laugh under your breath while retaining the smile (or to yourself) before anyone approaches you. “Please don’t have sweaty hands” could do it.

Make a game of moving them on. When you are speaking to someone listen intently to find one nugget that you could use to help introduce that person to someone nearby. Get the two engaged in conversation and see how easily you can slip from their grasp. Start timing yourself if you get desperate to stay engaged.

Set a reward. There are times that part of me is just stubbornly refusing to get in the right frame of mind for networking so I create a little game with myself. If I make three good connections then I can leave and go have a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen. Not just three connections, that is cheating, but three good connections – three people that I can either do business with or connect with someone else for a strong solid business reason.

Mind your manners. Saying “please” and “thank you” are two things that can involuntarily make you smile when you say them. People also appreciate manners and respond in a positive and kind way. Receiving this type of feedback can help elevate your mood immediately.

Above all else keep your eye on the prize. Remind yourself of one of your goals for the week, month or year every time you begin to feel yourself slip. Start with “Suck it up – remember….” It is the equivalent of taking one for the team in baseball when you get beaned with a ball.

You are a grown up now, there are times you must do something that you don’t want to. Stomping your foot and proclaiming, “I don’t wanna” isn’t going to get anyone to come running up and telling you that, “It’s okay honey, but you really need to do this.”

Normally after faking for a few minutes your mood begins to shift and you shed the negativity that you brought in and begin to enjoy yourself. Go with it and watch out for the high, inside pitches.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Coach-Strategist
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Career Polish, Inc.

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