The First Step To Not Getting What You Don’t Want.

The idea stems from talking to clients and class attendees about how they seem to keep finding themselves in the same type of job or not knowing how to get a better job because they have always done one sort of thing. As a resume writer it is my job to create their sales presentation (resume) in a new light, but more importantly it is to get them to see themselves in this new light – that’s the hard part.

Because it starts with internal conceptions, thoughts and feelings that we have about ourselves and these are things that can be so ingrained that they are the most difficult to overcome. We can change habits and patterns but until we change our thinking none of it matters.

I saw a friend this weekend who has an off-again, on-again relationship which makes him miserable – and that is during the on-again time. I feel bad for him. Currently they are off-again and he made the comment that he will probably go back but he hopes he can find someone who makes him not want to. Wow. I feel a lot of sorry with that. First, I feel sorry for anyone he has dated during the off-again because if they heard that I bet it would sting, I feel sorry for anyone he might date because there is no way they can win and lastly I feel sorry for him that he doesn’t believe he deserves better.

The internal beliefs that he is holding is what is holding him back: that he doesn’t deserve better so he’ll probably go back and two it would take someone external to make it happen. It is the same thing in wanting to expand to a new job or new industry. You have to believe it within yourself before anyone else will. If you do not see yourself in that new position or feel you can make it they why would anyone else believe in you?

I tell my classes that when you write your resume you want to write it to where you want to go, not where you have been. If you do not, you will keep getting the jobs you always had and not be able to move forward. It’s like dating that same person who makes you miserable.

You first you need to figure out what is important to that new job, what skills or qualities are key in succeeding. Then look back at where you have been and describe those in a manner that highlights those same skills and qualities. You have to show that next employer that you have the ability to succeed because you have been successful utilizing those skills before. The duties may change but the skill set may be very similar.

They can teach you specifics about the position but having the core skills is key. But even more important is you have to believe in yourself, believe you can do it and believe you deserve it. Until you change your internal belief system those old patterns will not change. And you will keep getting what you don’t want.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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