The World Doesn’t Stop Just Because You’re Sick.

I have been down for five days – FIVE miserable days – with a horrendous combination of sinus infection and flu. The flu, seriously, who gets the flu in the summer? I think of it as a winter sickness so it really just ticked me off to be drinking TheraFlu because I had the flu in the summer. Seriously.

This is day six and I am bound and determined to at least be somewhat of a functioning human being today. I’m still not all the way there yet, my pop still tastes funny, still have an echo in my head when I talk and I feel like I am on a three second delay in all my actions. Although my dogs have provided plenty of sympathy, I really do think they are laughing at me now. It has been a long six days.

But the world did not stop just because I was sick; it did not even pause – not even for a moment. I still have deadlines and expectations; and although I could push a few back, I still have to meet my obligations. Which means I have to get over it and work like a mad woman over the next couple days to get caught up. Not ahead, caught up.

That’s the way it works, suck it up and keep moving forward. Things will not change if I boo-hoo and whine about how dreadful I felt, a client might have sympathy but at the end of they day they don’t care; they still want what they paid for – period. And I get that.

My point today is mine is a temporary sickness but too often I meet people that have developed a long-term self-imposed sickness. Sick of their job, sick of their relationship, sick of this aspect of their life or sick of that one; they are just sick of something but refuse to make any changes. Instead they whine and boo-hoo and expect the world to stop and make changes for them just because they are sick. It just doesn’t work that way.

They only way things change for you is when you change yourself; action – reaction. I was forced to slow down, take some medicine, sleep ungodly hours to gain my strength back and now I’m better so I have to double up over the next couple days to make up for time lost. I have to take action.

If you are sick-sick – get some rest to be able to regroup and please stay at home; do not contaminate us with the stupid flu. Once you are better, go kick butt to get back on track. It is a slow down but not an impossible feat.

If you are self-imposed sick – just plain stay away because those of us that want to move forward don’t have time for the boo-hoos. We are not going to stop; however, if you truly want to get better, we will slow down and help you out – after you start helping yourself.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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