They Aren’t Buying It

Luke not buying itEver say something in your head and it sounds good but then when you say it out loud it just isn’t the same?

The reality strikes when you get looks of you have three heads or you have just uttered the most ridiculous thing the other party has ever heard.

Like the look I got from Luke this morning when I told him that I had to finish up a project and couldn’t go play.  He promptly came over, pushed his way between me and my desk, plopped his head on my lap and gave me “the look”.  My phone is always at hand so I was able to get a picture of “the look”.

Oh yes, I get “the look” from my dogs.

Truth is I could have taken five minutes out to play tug, but that might have incited the other dogs, which would have caused mayhem throughout the office and taken a good chunk of time to calm them all down and get back on my mental track.

Me – over-think?  No way.

Point is, we all say things that we know are not completely accurate and we think that just because we say them in a convincing voice that others will believe it.

They don’t.

It is because deep down you know it isn’t completely true so no matter what your words are an element in your tone and body language deceive you.

That is the difference between conveying and convincing.  If you are conveying information it is something you know to be true; if you are convincing you have an element of doubt.

This is where the conflict between your words and your actions begin.

One of the basic principles of writing your resume is to write to where you want to go not where you have been.  This concept should be applied mentally, not just in your words.

If you want to take that next leap in your career you must begin by seeing yourself in that role.  You deserve it, you earned it, you can do it – hell, you are it.

Talking to a prospective employer takes on a whole new tone when you change from believing you can do it to knowing you can.  When demonstrating why you should be awarded this position becomes much easier when the conversation is centered on demonstrating how you have already met the requirements rather than trying to convince them that you think you can meet the requirements.

Yes, it is a mental game you have to play with yourself.  The first step is going back and cleaning your room.

It is like my son asking his dad in high school to borrow his car.  His dad drives a really nice, guy car.  I’m not a car girl but even I will admit it is a hot car.  I’ve borrowed his car and darn it if I can keep it under the speed limit.

Anyway, my son could have tried to convince his dad that he was all responsible and respectful of the car but his dad could have easily come over to the house, opened the room to his door and said, “fail”.    No, the boy had to start by showing responsibility and respect for his own stuff before he could possibly convince his dad he could do the same to his car.

Take pride in your room – your past.  Look at what you have done in terms of how it will serve you in the future.  Be able to point out specific examples of how this translates into driving the hot car rather than your own beater.

Once you do the work to clean the room it is easier to open the door and let everyone judge for themselves because you have demonstrated the core attributes by getting rid of the smell and being able to see the floor.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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