This Is A Test – Only A Test….

dunce capIf we heard that phrase loud and clear every time life threw tests our way we would get so used to it that we would ignore the implications.

I’m a believer of things happen for a reason; however, I also have a lot of control in that process.  So it is a bit of a dichotomy.  Many things are out of our control and seem to happen to us: downsizing, closings, breakups, firings and these are taken as bad.

Then again other good things happen to: meeting a new person, job offerings, promotions etc.

Some will say these opposites of good and bad are not related, I happen to think they are linked: without the bad you would have no room for the good.

In other words – life is testing you.

Say you have been secretly wanting to take the next step in your career.  You haven’t told anyone at work or even your personal circle, but it has been milling around in your mind for quite some time.

Then you are downsized.  Drat!  Life lesson one: if you aren’t going to take any actions to moving forward, life is going to give you a nudge.

Then you get offered an ok job.  Hmmm.

Not a promotion, not exactly what you want to do, not even meeting your expectations – but it is a job and you are offered.  Life lesson two: how bad do you want it?  Are you willing to settle in for the next 10 years here and still secretly hope to move forward or are you going to do something about it?

It may be a financial concern that you need to take this job.  Ok, no judgment – but what you do in addition to taking that job is what counts.  Do you continue to look or seek ways to gain the experience or education within this job to move forward?  Or do you simply just give up and take it period?

I tell my clients and workshop attendees it is not enough to say it in your resume, you have to prove it.

Life is the same way – it is not enough to say you want something, you have to prove it.  Settling is not proving it.  Being stagnate is not proving it.  Opportunities, good and bad, are given to you in order to test your conviction, your passion and the strength of your desires.

Just remember – this is a test…only a test….it is up to you if you pass or fail….


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


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