Timing – Who Said “Bad Timing” Isn’t Perfect?

I’m one of those that try as I might, I am never early. I’m doing damn good if I am on time. I don’t think this is a habit thing, I think this is completely and utterly ingrained into every fiber of who I am. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. My first year in college a boyfriend sent me a comic that had a husband and wife preparing for the evening and the husband said, “Just let me know when you will be ready, I mean specifically – just give me a date.” He scratched out the wife’s name and wrote mine. For family events, my mom tells me 1:00 so I am there by 2:00 when they really start. When I have to be somewhere at 7 a.m. my best friend cringes – all the way in Ohio for crying out loud.

It is not just my arrival time either. Oh no, this goes far beyond into about every aspect of life. I once applied for a job, went through four or five interviews and ended up being the bridesmaid to someone that was recommended by a current employee. I was devastated. I really wanted that job. So about a month later I called the woman I spoke to the most to let her know I was still very interested and if there were any other opportunities I would appreciate being considered for them. The first thing she said to me was, “Thank goodness you called, the other girl is not working out – when can you start?”

So knowing that I have some weird karma thing about timing I think I have learned to be a bit more easy going when things do not work out, or perhaps it is because I am an optimist and closet hopeless romantic (shhh!), I always side on the “it will all work out in the end” philosophy. But even those of strong faith get tested now and again. And the older I get the more I appreciate the humor of God, Allah, Buddha, the Universe, Karma – whomever you subscribe to, and the simplicity of the lessons and reminders.

About a month ago my son brought home a dog because a friend was unable to take care of it. After a weekend of bonding with my pack we thought he was officially a member of the family as in dog number four. A few days later the friend demanded the dog back. We were stuck, we had to return the dog. A few days ago I found out that the dog “ran away” a couple of weeks ago and I promptly went to the Humane Society’s website and there he was with a sure fire sign that I was supposed to go get him.

The sign: A few years ago I had to put down my most beloved dog, Norman. He was my gentle giant, a Great Pyrenees who would stand in front of me to protect me any time someone entered the house or woke me up by ripping the pillow out from under my head at 5 a.m. This was a habit that we broke quickly. Anyway, on the website the lost dog was named, you guessed it, Norman.

Yesterday was the official end to the weeklong process of keeping him on hold for anyone to claim him so I was there with bells on and treats in the car to pick up the new adoption to our family. A month ago I was so sad because we lost an instant member of our pack. Last night, he fell asleep in my lap, belly up. Why did it take a month, who knows. Perhaps it was for the best so that now I am the official owner of the little guy. As I heard once, it is not my place to put a question mark where God put a period.

So if there is something – or someone – that you missed: a job that you did not get or worse did not apply for, a promotion that was not offered or a person that you were interested in but waited too long to ask out or dated and then made a bad decision, fear not – time is on your side. Nothing in life is permanent, that can work in your favor and it can work against you. The best I can offer is do not look at it as opportunity lost; instead, it is an opportunity that you were not ready for at that moment.

Perhaps you need more training to really succeed at that position, perhaps there is another move in the company that will turn out to be even better than the promotion, the person they chose for the job over you may not be working out, and maybe that potentially special person is willing to meet for a cup of coffee. Take stock in what you can do, what actions you can take, what efforts need to be completed in order for you to test the waters to see if the time is right? Then, then if it is, then perhaps a window might open again. Just this time don’t be a schmuck, just go for it. Apply, tell them you are want the job or promotion, go have that coffee and put a card or two out on the table. Maybe it will be a good thing and maybe it won’t, you will just have to see for yourself. I mean, if it is not a good thing and the time is still not right, no skin off your nose – you didn’t have it to begin with!

As for me, my little pack is complete, well….a little more than complete as it was two-for-one day for dogs, but that is another story….I need to go get five treats ready.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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