Vacuum Cleaners and Resumes – We Need to Know the Whys and Hows not the Hollow Whats

I have a thing with vacuum cleaners. I have hardwood floors and carpets and a pack of dogs. My dogs shed, track mud, slobber and generally make all sorts of messes that make a vacuum cleaner an essential in my home. Actually, I had pup once that was mix of Sheppard and Husky that shed so bad we let me use the hand tool on the vacuum cleaner on him. But that is another story.

The thing I have with vacuum cleaners is that my house seems to be the Bermuda Triangle or Black Hole for vacuum cleaners – they seem to mis-function almost immediately upon entering my home. It is not unusual that I need to perform some sort of surgery on one of my vacuum cleaners weekly. Yes, I have more than one. It goes back to the Bermuda Triangle/Black Hole theory and being prepared.

The best one I ever had I inherited from my parents, an old Sears model with removable bags and separate drag along canister monstrosity that had weathered several surgeries held together by sheer will and duct tape. It died its last death a few years ago and I have been on the quest for the next favorite vacuum cleaner ever since.

I love bright shiny new vacuum cleaners and their promises of clean, dirt and fur free floors. But I am not an average consumer of vacuum cleaners. I have learned to be wary of the hype. The newest technology has burned me in the past.

I evaluate vacuum cleaners the way a hiring manager evaluates a candidate. We both approach each new one with skepticism. We want to know what’s beyond the hype. We both want to find that gem in the mountain of candidates and secretly hope against hope from being burned. We want to get past the hollow whats into the important hows and whys.

If a vacuum cleaner boasts that it is the newest, best, most efficient and quietest that means nothing to me. Those are the whats. On a resume or in an interview the whats are communication, organizational, and management skills. They all sound great but they are the hollow whats. They don’t tell me any real information.

The important hows and whys are that it uses 25% less electricity, bagless creating less waste and saving money, hypo-allergenic filters to help remove nasty little dust mites and whatever is growing on my floors. It is the leading a department to gain 25% in new revenues by identifying and leveraging a new market segment rather than improved sales.

It is easy to put pretty packaging on any old vacuum cleaner, but to really sell it I need to know it has the features that meet my needs, fits my floors and the solutions to my puppy shed problems. The same hold true for you and your resume.

Lisa K McDonald, CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Career Coach & Brand Strategist


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