Value Where You Are Going Not Where You Are

I heard a very interesting thought today: always evaluate a relationship based on where it is going not where it is because relationships are always changing.  Getting better or getting worse they are always changing.


Jobs are relationships.  Sometimes you spend more time with those you work with than those you love.  The people you work with know just as much if not more about you than your spouse it seems.  Heck, they are your spouse at times.  I used to kid with a boss that I was his work wife – and often I wanted a divorce.


Now I know people can tell me that they have been doing the same thing for years, maybe.  But I imagine something has changed over that time.  The people, the techniques, the clients, the building, the machines, the tools, the technology – something has changed over that time period.


Where you start is never exactly where you began.  It is easy to look back at a prior job and see the path that it took.  They say hindsight is 20/20; I don’t know that I agree because some people keep looking back and must be blind as a bat because they keep making the same mistakes over, and over and over again.


When you are in a position and you feel like you just need to escape, start over run for the hills before you take that first step just stop for a moment.


Evaluate the job based on where it is going not where it is now.


It may look like fire and brimstone at the very moment, but what are the opportunities going forward?  Do they look dismal?  Is that because you are not putting any effort into making it a good path?


This is where accountability comes into play.  Have you resigned already in your head from your current job and therefore are no longer even making an attempt to make it bearable?  If so then the path your job is taking is going to really be a bad ride – of course.


I am all about helping people find a new direction, renew themselves and their careers and get back to loving what they do; however, if you mentally check out without knowing why then jumping ship is not going to help.


You will just keep evaluating the job based on the here and now and not where it is going and what actions you are taking to make sure it is going in the right way.


Learning to look at it this way may salvage that job or prepare you for success in the next one.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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