Victories of Today – Cubs Style

I love Spring.  Everything is fresh and new and gives everyone the sense of new beginnings.

In  my little corner of the world I have bright spring flowers blooming and the doors are open letting in fresh air and allowing the dogs to go out and play to their little hearts’ content.  My favorite spot is in the front room looking out the picture window where I can watch all the birds and wildlife playing in the fountain, eating from the feeder and playing in the tree.  It is peaceful and the world seems alive.

The other great thing about Spring – baseball!  I’ve always loved baseball from being a kid and playing backyard baseball, then having a son who played and some of my best memories are at baseball games.  Time to get out my Cubs gear – and I am so excited because I got the most awesome Christmas present last year – it was my favorite: an official Cubs jersey of Ryne Sandberg.  Oh, you are going to see a lot of that this year!

Oh yes, I am a Cubs fan – for all you Cardinal fans out there: shut it.  You see, being a Cub fan I am quite used to the Cardinal chatter and snide remarks about the Cubs history.  But you see, there is something different about being a Cubs fan.  We are not like other baseball fans.

We are optimists and have a different sense of appreciation of baseball.  God knows it has been a very, very long time since we had something to brag about in terms of the end of the season, but yet it never lessons our passion for the game or our team.

We don’t need a team that is a continual contender – we love our team no matter what.  We have kind of taken our team to a new level – acceptance, appreciation, love, devotion and as a part of ourselves.  We don’t love them because they are the best – we love them for everything they represent and for bringing a little bit of joy and nostalgia to our life.

They help us remember what is important in life – you are not always going to be the big dog, but being in the game and having a strong support system makes you a winner.  No matter what the standings my Cubs are always winners.

Look at the crowd, look at the history, look at the passion of the fans – that is something to be proud of, the admiration and love of your support system even if you season sucks.  We gotta lot of love – we have to, seriously, with our record, we have to and we do.

I was talking to a client the other day and they were concerned that maybe something was “wrong with them” because they didn’t want to be the manager or leader of a team, they would rather be a member of the team.  There is nothing wrong with that at all!  We all can’t be cooks in the kitchen – if that were the case nothing would ever get done.

Maybe you haven’t figured out your direction in life – well, that’s okay too.  It is a long season and one thing Cubs fans do is enjoy the entire season, every game, every day – not just looking at the end of the season for the final series.  We learn to enjoy the little victories along the way.  Celebrate your own little victories, the victories of today, enjoy the right here and right now.

While you are creating and truly living in the every day and enjoying these moments, take a look to see who is around you.  These are the things you will remember and cherish more than any championship game.  I cannot tell you how the Cubs finished last season, but I can tell you every detail about the baseball game last year that my son and I went to together and how it was an amazing day that I will never forget.


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.




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