Want vs. Expect

apples and orangesWhy do you do the things you do in building your business or in job searching?  What is the reasoning behind your actions: because you want a result or expect a result?


The end game is the same: the result.  However, the attitude is completely different and therefore will affect your actions and ultimately the result.


If you perform certain tasks expecting to reach the result you will often times be disappointed.  The sad truth in life is just because you take the right steps does not mean that you get the right results.  I have come to discover that just as important as the steps, possibly more important, is the attitude in taking those steps.


If searching for a job you can redo your resume, network, apply for positions and do activities every day to obtain a job.  However, if you expect any or all of these items to land that job then you are demanding of other parties to fulfill your desire.


It is like sending out a message, “Hey, I talked to you, I sent you my resume, I’ve done everything that I was supposed to now do what you are supposed to and give me that job!”


Not quite the hirable message.


If, on the other hand, you perform all these tasks, still with the end result of getting a job in mind, but you do so in a manner that is beneficial to you; you are collaborating with the other parties to come to agreement in getting the right job.


The difference in attitude: you redo your resume to gain greater insight into your abilities, skills and value.  You do so in a manner that improves your ability to communicate these things to another party and you take it as a learning experience.   You gain value in what you are doing, instead of having the attitude that changing a piece of paper will demand of them to hire you.


When networking you take interest in others, share value, assist and learn about them.  You do not see it as a way to collect cards and expect others to make that introduction just because you met them.  You see it also as a way to not just get potential leads for positions, help others but also build a network that can grow and expand beyond getting a new position.


In building your business do you perform tasks because it is a necessary evil to get a client or because you enjoy doing them?  For example seminars or workshops, I love these. I love giving them and facilitating them.  One comment that I receive more than any other after a presentation is that people enjoyed it because they could tell I enjoy it and love what I do.


I do not gain a lot of business out of these, but I do them because I love them.  I do not give a workshop with the intent that I will garner x new clients out of each presentation.  I put that out of my mind and focus on giving an informative and interactive presentation that lends value to others.


What I have found is it is often not those in attendance that I get a call from – it is someone that the attendees recommended to call me, based upon their perception of me during the presentation.


In other words, whether you are building your business or job searching – perform your tasks because you want to not because you expect them to immediately result in your goal.


You can do all the right things and still not get the results you want.  When that frustration hits that is when I am reminded of a funny quote I saw once, “Expecting good things to happen because you are a good person is like standing in front of a hungry lion and expecting him not to eat you because you are nice to him.”


It does stink when you do all the right things and do not get what you want, I understand this and can completely empathize with it.  That is when I realized why the attitude is so important.  It lessons the disappointment and allows you to see opportunity.


If I do something just to get a result and I don’t get it, even if I went about it the right way, I am going to be some level of ticked off.  But, if I do all the right things with an attitude of giving, learning and growing then when I do not get the result I want I realize it is because there is a better opportunity out there.  Had I accepted the original result then I would have been in a position where I missed out on something even better.


Take stock in what you are doing this week and ask yourself: “Am I doing this because it brings value to me or others and I really enjoy doing it – or – am I doing it because I expect a result?”


A slight change in attitude behind the actions can make all the difference.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW



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