Wanting and Having it All

“Love without affection or affection without love – which would you choose?”


I was posed this question the other day because, well, I’ve had both.  My answer was immediate:


“Neither – I want both.”


Apparently this took them by surprise for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t play by the rules – I had to pick one
  2. I was silly for thinking I could have both


And thus the debate began.  To justify their second objection to my answer I was told it was like finding that job that you love and it pays you well, you just can’t have it all.


Yes you can.


It may not be immediate and it may not be all wrapped up in the perfect little package that you have always envisioned, but yes, you can have it all.


The debate began to get a little dicey in a repeated argument of there is no job that you can love and get rich with it as well.


Someone tell that to Oprah.


I still think there is opportunity for love and affection and if you do not agree with me then that is your right.  But for goodness sakes do not tell me I am wrong!  It is my thought, my belief and my want so it isn’t wrong – it may be different, but it isn’t wrong.


I was thinking about this conversation later when I realized it is a matter of what we want, what we have, what we expect, what we settle for, what we dismiss and what we give up on.


In a job situation I truly believe you can find that job that you love and provides well.  But how do you define love?  The same principle applies to defining providing well.


You see I do love my job, and I can tell you why.


I have the opportunity to meet and work with an incredibly diverse group of people from all industries, levels, abilities and life experiences.  For each I am granted a glimpse into their life and give the opportunity to assist them in where they are to where they want to go.


I can utilize my creative side and my analytical side.  I loved compliance because it was very analytical but always longed to do something creative.  Now I have the best of both worlds.


I get to be as busy as I want to be and can take a Wednesday off to have a picnic in the park or see a baseball game in the middle of the day.


I get to be a part of some amazing organizations where I have met friends, colleagues and mentors.  I have the opportunity to present to groups and I love facilitating workshops and interacting with groups of people.  There is nothing better than leading a room full of people to an “a-ha” moment.


I am a very wealthy woman.  I am rich with family, friends, opportunities, adventures and possibilities.  I am hopeful for every single client, I care deeply, I laugh often and I can see the good and promise in every day.  That is how I define wealthy.  My job provides me with everything I need – and that is all I could ask for and more.


Having goals and dreams are fantastic, they give you fuel and desire.  Understanding what will meet the underlying needs is as important as having those goals and dreams.


I loved working in the financial industry, just not as much as I love what I do now.  That was my first crush, this is my true love.  If I was offered the opportunity to go back into it and have a very high-paying position I would have to say no.


Because I want it all and I know what my “all” happens to be.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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