Welcome to the Blame Game Where There Are No Winners

And here are a few of our lucky contestants for this round, please introduce yourselves:


Player A: “My job stinks”

Player B: “No one will hire me”

Player C:  “They are all against me”


Ok – I think that is enough contestants for today!


Player A, why don’t you tell us a little more about yourself…


Player A:  “Well, I work like a dog and it doesn’t matter.  I hardly make anything.  My boss is a jerk and my coworkers are idiots.  I dread going into that place everyday, I swear the building just sucks the life out of me.”


Good to know, Player B…


Player B:  “I can do anything just give me a chance, but no one will talk to me.  I know it is because I am too old or too young.  I can’t help it that I don’t have the perfect work history, but that shouldn’t matter, they should talk to me because I know I can do anything.  They say they are hiring but I know they aren’t unless you are married to one of the higher-ups.  I keep seeing all these perfect jobs on the job boards but they just never respond.”


Thanks for that, Player B; now how about you Player C:


Player C:  “I work like a dog and no one cares, I never get promoted, never get asked to be on project teams and they don’t even listen to my ideas.  I know more than everyone else but it doesn’t matter, they are all jealous and try to keep me down because they don’t want to admit I am better than them.  There was a job I was going to go for but then I decided not to and someone else took it, the rat bastard.  It isn’t fair that they are happy there, that should have been my job.  It isn’t my fault I didn’t go for it, it just wasn’t the right time, I just wasn’t feeling it.  And why the heck is everyone so happy for them?  They should hate them because I said so.”


Alrighty then.  Looks like we have a robust group here and we are off to a really good start; a thousand points to all of you!


Before we continue let’s see if you really, really qualify to be here.


Player A, is there any chance that perhaps your attitude is affecting your co-workers and boss and that is why you feel such a disconnect?  Can you find any good in the work that you do or the people that you work with?  How about approaching your boss or co-workers and asking how you can improve your performance or assist them?  Is there any appreciation for the fact that you are gainfully employed and able to provide for yourself and your family?  Perhaps if you focused on these do you think your situation would improve?


Player B, have you tried re-evaluating your skill set and tailoring it to the needs of the companies that are hiring?  If you are able to demonstrate and articulate what it is that you can do specifically and how then they will be able to see you in that position.  What about networking?  You know sitting in front of that computer all day is not going to get you a job, right; anywhere from 70-80% of all jobs obtained are through networking.  How about approaching open positions with the attitude of being the solver of their problems rather than deserving of getting the job just because you said so?


Player C:  Do you attempt to be on a team, do you ask other people’s opinions or to be on the teams?  Do you act as a member of the team focused on the company’s goals and mission?  Have you defined what you want in order to be able to communicate this to your boss and also know yourself so you can take decisive actions?  As far as the other opportunity, if you didn’t go for it have you asked yourself why?  Where you maybe afraid of failure so you just stayed in an unhappy place just to be safe?  And why can’t the other person be happy and people be happy for them?  That’s like breaking up with someone but then getting mad at them when they move on and telling your friends and family to hate them – that’s not fair.  You’re the idiot that passed it up so what do you care?  Is there a chance to make amends?  Are you perhaps projecting your own unhappiness on everyone else just so you don’t have to make changes?


Player A: “Oh hell no!”

Player B: “That will never work!”

Player C: “Whatever!”


Yep, you all qualify and another thousand points to you all!  You are qualified to continue to play this game over and over and over again until there is no one left around you who can stand to hear your whine, cry and drone on about the same things over and over and over again.


Good thing because if you quit this game you might actually find happiness, purpose, joy and self-fulfillment.  Ick! Who wants that?!


Okay, a little extreme I know.  Although there are some statements that I have heard from time to time but those are other stories.  The point is what you want is out there and it is within reach.  All you have to do is realize that you have the ability to make it happen.


Sometimes it does feel like life or work is against us and it can be really easy to go into the blame game but I beg of you to stop if you start to sound like any of the contestants.  It will only deepen the dark hole.  Yes, bad things happen, unfavorable situations do exist; but they are not the be all end all of your world.  You may not be able to change the world or the entire company but you can make a change to your attitude, thoughts and actions.


Re-evaluating where you are and how you got there can give you a good idea of what you do not want.  Then it gives you the opportunity to put in place a new plan and actions.  Take each one step by step and be prepared for resistance at first.  If you have been an ass for a really long time it will take people time to believe and accept you in your new role; but it can happen.


Decide what is really important to you and go for it, with passion, determination and confidence knowing that when we change our attitude we change everything.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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