What are Your Standards?

I went to a luncheon today and heard Butler’s Coach Stevens speak and the one comment that he made that really stuck with me was, “play and live to standards not results.” I have been mulling that over in my head and the more I think about it the more I love it.

The one thing that hit me was, as inspirational as this can be to someone; a critical factor in this is making sure whose standards you are playing/living to. My best friend tells me all the time that I set my standards very high for myself but always give such allowance to everyone else.

I agree, I do set high standards for myself, but they are based on solid values, honesty and good intentions. I do not set out to make millions of dollars; I do want to make a comfortable living doing what I love to do – and that second part is the most important for me. I treat others with respect even if I do not get it in return. That is who I am.

I have set standards that for myself for living in a manner that brings peace, laughter, joy, respect, trust and honor in the world. Just as much as I am not going to apologize for those being my standards I am not going to change them because someone does not agree with them or thinks they are too “lofty”.

When you think about the standards for which you live, are they your own or are they based on what others have told you are important? Who has defined your standards? If you have not set them, why not? Today might just be a really good day to sit down and think about the standards for which you are living and take a good hard look at them.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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