What To Listen To When You Don’t Know What To Do

head vs heartIn my late teens my dad gave me a great piece of advice: if you are ever unsure of what to do just imagine me standing next to you.


Ok, I will admit at the time as I was getting ready to ventured off for the first time on my own and heading out of state for college I did not hold the same appreciation for the sentiment.


Seriously, who wants to be thinking of their dad when they are off to college?  Talk about a spoiler.  Being a bit older, wiser and a mother of children of my own I realize his advice was very wise.


For most people it is a matter of head versus heart but I have learned to follow my intuition and at that time my dad was acting as my intuition.


When in doubt always follow your intuition: it is the combination of your head and heart with an added dose of backbone.


If you are struggling over accepting a job offer listen to what each part is saying to you.  Your heart may tell you that you might learn to really like the job, your head may be telling you that you need the job – there are bills to pay, and your intuition may be telling you something is off about it, it is not the right job, walk away.


Listen to that.  Your heart is vested in you not getting hurt.  Your head is vested in concrete need.  Your intuition is vested in the whole you.


I have learned to listen to my intuition, which is an incredibly hard thing to do with an over-analyzer because I always want to know the why.  But why shouldn’t I do that, but why is it a bad idea, but why isn’t it the right job, why, why, why!


The why isn’t always important or relevant at the time – just know it is there and that is why your intuition comes pipes in the conversation between your head and heart.


Maybe the job looks great, they are saying all the right things and it seems like a dream job: all the responsibility you love, great pay, benefits, close to home – everything you could ask for.  Your head and heart are actually in agreement – go for it!


But then there is that nagging feeling – well, hello intuition.  Who invited you to ruin the party?  There is a reason – listen to it.  Step back and take a closer look.  There is a reason the nagging is coming up.  That is the backbone – intuition has the guts to go against heart and head.


It may turn out that the financials are not as sound as the company is purporting, or the environment isn’t as happy-go-lucky as the picture they paint – there is something and it is trying to warn you.


In job searching there are many things you can do to help ensure you are successful: know your value; be able to communicate your value effectively in networking, resumes, LinkedIn and communications; network; prepare, prepare, prepare; research companies and positions – these are all action items.


When the time comes for decisions take into account all your work and learn to listen to your intuition.  It is the unseen factor that will help drive you even further in the right direction for you.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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