What You Think It Means May Not Be What They Think It Means – Know What I Mean?

It is a double good day: it is Friday and I can use my mom in my blog without the possibility of embarrassing her.  It has now become common and acceptable to end a story, event or occasion in my family with, “don’t put that in your blog.”  So much material…


Last night my mom called and I asked how she was doing.  She answered, “Well.”


So I replied, “Uh oh, what’s up?”


She said, “No, I am doing well.  You know I have had a few people respond the same way when I say that.”


I told her that ‘Well’ is the nice way of beginning a statement that doesn’t end well.


Think about that for a minute…


She means she is doing good but by just using the one word ‘well’ it was giving a whole different impression.


Just something to keep in mind the next time you are networking, conducting business or interviewing.  Sometimes what we think in our mind when using a particular word or phrase is not what is perceived by the other person.  They may not say anything but you can pick it up by their body language.


Luckily for my mom, she has a daughter that will say something.  And then use it in her blog…



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