Who Is Driving Your Bus?

In the matter of 30 minutes a weeks worth of bad-dog deeds and some week long frustrations completely disappeared by hearing from three clients.


Two regarding their first draft of their new resumes who were absolutely thrilled and had the excitement back in their voice.  That is part of the fuel that drives my fire.


In going through an exercise that I ask all my clients to do while we work on their resume one of them had an “a-ha” moment – another part of the fuel.


The third client just found out that he is the last man standing in a grueling interview process with one final call to be made today.  The confidence is back, we saw glimpses through the coaching, but you can feel it now.  Another part of the fuel.


It was the “a-ha” moment that inspired my blog today.


When working on a resume I always ask my clients to start looking for jobs that attract them – not to worry about analyzing it, just what they are being drawn to.  Then I ask that they send them to me.


It helps me determine their mindset and gives me a lot of insight into where they are, how they see themselves and the conflict or alignment of where they are and want to be.


She got it in going through this process.  She realized that a lot of the jobs that she was initially looking at were “safe” jobs that she could easily apply and get but did not offer what she truly desired.


She was able to see herself as she wants to be in the new resume and the conflict with where she was used to looking for her next step. And she was able to stop the pattern and readjust her driving directions.  She found some positions that excited her, gave her the chance to take a more long-term look at her goals and see opportunities that would really give her the ability to add value like no other candidate.


She took control back.


Often when we are looking to move forward in our lives we make the next step based upon tried and true patterns.  It worked in the past, maybe not so well, but it was comfortable.  We know this path so we are naturally inclined to take it, even if we know deep down it will not lead to our happiness or success as we define it.


If you are at a point where you are ready to make a change ask yourself: are you defining your path or letting your patterns define you?


If you continue along the old patterns of behavior without getting the results you want then you are letting your patterns define you.


When I talk to clients about what they really want to do next often I will hear the objection that, “But this is all I know.”  No, that is what you are used to, it is comfortable, but it is NOT all you know and it does not define you as a person.


Taking the same type of job that leaves you miserable is like marrying the wrong person over and over again.  You know what to expect in the beginning, middle and end – it is comfortable yet unfulfilling.


I challenge you to stop looking back for a moment at what you have done and write out what you want to do, what you want period.  This is defining your path.


Once you identify what it is you really want then you can make the conscious decision to take different actions to reach those goals.  Sometimes it means completely changing the direction you take that bus.


If you want a leadership role then start looking for opportunities that offer that exact thing, or the opportunity to grow into it.  Stop taking the completely supportive, dead-end positions that offer no chance of you taking a lead.


Define what is important to you and look for opportunities that include items on that list.  Make it clear what you want from the beginning, it will save a lot of time, confusion and disappointment.


Think of it this way – if you ultimately want to get married and have children then you have to stop dating the people who do not want kids.  I have a friend that is single and open to having more children in the future.  I am not.  I love my children yet I do not want to have another baby.  I am ok with it and know that if I am meet someone that really wants to have babies than we are not going to work out.  I can introduce them to my friend because that is an ok item on her list.


If your old patterns have not produced the results you want than now is the time to take a look to see who is in control: you or your past.


Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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