Will Tomorrow Be Round Two Or Step One?

I will be exercising my right to vote today – as well as the right of freedom of speech.  What a wonderful country we live in!


I will not discuss who I am voting for or my reasons with anyone outside my best friend and my mom.  Anyone else I choose to exercise my right to keep my mouth shut.


Over the past month I have witnessed passion on all levels about the election and the candidates.  I am all for people being passionate about what they believe in and I am not surprised that many of my friends on Facebook are passionate people.


What I am surprised at is the actions following their passionate posts.


Anger, cruelty, bigotry, intimidation, mockery and disrespect for anyone who dares speak a contradicting thought.  I witnessed a beautiful, intelligent self-made woman be reduced to close-minded bully after someone disagreed with her.  She immediately stated “Don’t you dare talk about my President like that.”


I wanted to respond, “It is our President too and we, just as you, can say what we feel or like.”  I chose to keep my mouth shut.


Passion – wonderful – get out and vote.  Support your candidates or parties – that is wonderful!  My mom and step-dad are working the polls today – way to go!! I’m proud of them.


But how will you behave tomorrow?


What if your candidate does not win?  What then?


My greatest fear will be an onslaught of negativity crying foul.


The race will be over, the “winner” declared and it will be time to move forward.  Will we allow that to happen?  Or will we stomp our feet, stick out our lower lip and say, “That’s not fair!”


What example are we teaching our children?  And when I say teaching our children I am not just talking about our own – but all the children.  My examples reach beyond my son, they reach out to his friends and those he knows.  You do not just teach one, you teach all that come into your world.  So even if you are not a parent you still teach children every day by your actions and reactions, thoughts and deeds.


If there is a huge outcry of “unfairness” then are we not teaching children that when you don’t win the acceptable and expected response is to blame someone else?


So the next time a child or his team looses his match, her race, their game it is not expected that they shake hands with the opponent and tell them “good game” and loose with dignity, respect the victor and look forward to how to improve?


Instead they should rant, rave and be degrading to the victor and tell them that it was unfair, they should not have won it is the world’s fault?


I know the election is a must bigger scale; however we each have our own individual responsibility.  The only loosing that I would contribute today would be not to vote.  Other than that, if those I vote for do not win then it is not because there is a huge conspiracy, an unknown force against them or even due to the mercury retrograde.  It is because the other candidate had more votes.  Period.


When my son’s football or baseball team lost he sometimes wanted to say that one teammate did this or another did this and that lead to their defeat.   But I would remind him that it is a team effort – you all win as a team and you all lose as a team and not one individual can cause the downfall of the entire team.  If there are weaknesses then it is up to the rest of the team to step up and provide strengths.  Then I would ask him what he, as an individual and member of that team, can do better next time.  Just as an individual sport – don’t blame in defeat, look for the opportunity to improve.


Tomorrow we will have a President – a returning President or a new President, either way tomorrow we will have a President.  Our liberties will be intact; we will have the freedom of speech and the responsibility to use it wisely.


I am proud that I live in a country that I am able to vote and express my opinions freely.  I also will be honoring all of the men and women throughout history who fought and/or died for these rights by not taking them lightly.


In respect to any and all who have, are or will be serving in the military I thank you for making sure that I am able to get up each day and appreciate my freedom.  I will not disrespect them by being negative, slanderous or disrespectful to my fellow Americans.


I may not agree with those in office but I will respect the position that they hold.  That is another lesson that I feel important to teach our children.  Just as I tell my son, you may not like my rules, but you will respect them as I am your mother.  He had the right to disagree and when he became of age the right to move out.  We all have rights.


I just had another thought that popped in my head, and maybe this might help clarify this for some.  Think of it this way: careful what you teach the children of the nation today because those little buggers are going to grow up to make and enforce the laws, vote and lead the country one day.  Are we teaching them to do so wisely?



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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