Wishing & Hoping

Ever wanted something so much that you turned into the kid at Christmas and wished and hoped and prayed for it – every day, every spare moment you just kept saying the “please, please, please” prayer under your breath?

Whether it is a new job, a new beau, more work, more opportunities – whatever it is you really, really want it.  And that’s all fine and dandy, until you get it and then realize, “Oh crap, I wasn’t ready!”  That is when fear can overwhelm you and you can actually end up destroying the opportunity you so desperately wanted.

I think it is great to wish and hope for something, I’m even more about taking concrete steps to get it.  However, don’t forget one important factor: to be prepared for when it happens.  Because if you truly want something and do everything in your power in a positive and most appropriate way to achieve it then you will get it.  And it is going to change your life in one way or another.

So as you are hoping and wishing take a moment to stop and think about what this: what is going to be like when it happens?  How is it going to affect you, your life, those around you?   How are you going to keep it?  Anything worth wishing for that much is worth keeping.

If you want more opportunities in business, make sure you are putting into place the systems and processes to handle that upsurge.  If not, you might start feeling overwhelmed and then possibly defeated because you cannot handle the increased responsibilities.  The very thing you hoped for starts stressing you out worse than before you had it -a vicious cycle.

If you are praying for a new job make sure you are really doing all your research as to where the opportunities might lie: will it be a longer commute or in a different environment?  Are there things that you could be doing to keep current in your field but you are not because you are so focused on job searching?  Again, without proper preparation once you land the job you could start feeling like you’re behind, start doubting yourself, start feeling that you are going to be “found out” and loose the very thing you prayed for.

You are making sacrifices on some level to get the thing you want, but don’t stop there: you should ask yourself what sacrifices are you willing to make to keep it, grow it and make it flourish?  You took the steps to bring it in your life now make sure you are ready to put into place the actions that are going to make it worth keeping.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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