Yoda-ify Your Resume

“Do or do not. There is no try.” ~ Yoda

I’m not a Star Wars person, I actually heard this quote on Criminal Minds. Yet it is very applicable to your resume.

Applying this rule is a simple two step process that will take you from a trier to a doer in your resume.

Step 1: Delete all the ‘to’s.

  • Built Mega Program to reduce future costs. (hopefully it will in the future)
  • Partner with business lines to identify ways to be more efficient. (not sure that we do)
  • Fostered open communication to encourage cross-functional collaboration. (maybe did some good)

The ‘to’ in these sentences means you meant to, hoped to, that was the plan.

To is wishy-washy.

Step 2: Tell what did or will happen.

  • Laid cost-reducing foundation by building and implementing Mega Program. (set up for success)
  • Increase efficiencies by partnering with business lines to discover time-saving opportunities. (doing now)
  • Fostered cross-functional collaboration with open communication. (made a difference)

Not only are you being more decisive, you are also starting with the value – what people need and want to know.

These two steps takes your ‘to’s to ‘do’s and now you’re talking value, not not mushy maybes.


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Mr. B

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