You Are Not Anonymous

I’m a little disturbed today.  In my mind I’m always a little disturbed but we are going to say that is a positive quality. But that is not what I mean.

Within about 5 minutes I have a couple of events that either disturb me or make me really wonder about people.  Of course I have to share – because there is a little lesson in this for all…

Here is how my day started – I’m selling my car.  I love my car, but it is time to sell.  I need to downsize.  I originally bought it when I was engaged and had two teenage sons and this was going to be the car that the younger one drove as the older one had his own car.  Well, now it is just me and I want to downsize.

I posted an ad with pretty pictures and a nice description and sent out a personal note on Facebook in case anyone knows of someone that is in the market.  So far, so good – no abnormalities in my day.

Then I got an email.  Apparently someone has the time to peruse through the car section and take even more time to send emails that hold no value other than to amuse himself.  My first thought was, “what an idiot” followed by “I did not place the ad for commentary and really – get a life.”

Then I got a notification of a response on Facebook.  I sent a private response to my friend then noticed that I had an email.  When I looked it I realized it was from someone that I do not know nor do I have any inclination of ever wanting to know.

When I see phrases like, “wow……..i am certainly speechless….what manner of beauty bestowed on one person…” And “I like your homepage and your beautiful pictures babe.i may not be your first or last but would be perfect…” I want to throw up a little in my mouth.  Then I think, “who are you and really, does this ever work for you?”

So here is my lesson of the day – you are not invisible.  For both of these yahoos their name was clearly visable and with the first an email address was listed as well.  If you are going to be creepy or sarcastic keep this in mind…

So often people want to send a quick quip in response to something they have read but what they fail to realize is two things: 1. when you post it you are normally not anonymous and 2. once you put it out there it is out there for good.

I always warn people to be careful what pictures they post and if they get tagged.  Getting tagged in a picture is a certain stamp of forever.  When I was engaged many moons ago I used a picture of the two of us in a blog.  That damn picture is still linked to my name and appears in searches.

So the thought of the day is this: before you decide to immortalise your thoughts take a moment to think about it because once they are out there they are there for good.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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