You can blame or thank my son for the elimination of cursive writing in schools.

Okay, forgive me I am a few days late and catching up on my blogs. And yes, my son is taking credit for the getting rid of cursive writing in our school systems. Let me explain why:

My son is very stubborn and spirited and hated writing in cursive, absolutely hated it. In our school district we have what is called an Intermediate School which consists of 5th and 6th grades. At this level it was determined that all students would write in cursive, for everything, or the work would not count. Do you see the train wreck coming?

It hit when I was called into a meeting with all of his teachers because my sweet little boy was failing all of his classes because he was not doing any work. None, nada, zilch – not a damn thing. Each teacher told me how upset they were because he was an incredibly intelligent child, could answer any question correctly and such a little joy to have in class. They had tested the kids for reading comprehension ability and my son tested at that time at the level of a junior in high school. We were all so distraught over this predicament. That is when Jake was called in the room.

His teachers all in kind, gentle and quite concerned tones reassured him of how well he could be doing. They all asked why he was not doing any work and he very quietly replied, “I just can’t ride in cursive.” At this point they all agreed that he could write in print as long as he turned in every assignment, quiz project and test.

My child was the only child in all of the Intermediate Schools who did not have to write in cursive. Seriously. As we walked out of the school I looked down at my sweet child, the light of my life, and said, “You’re good” to which he replied, “I know”. He was 11 years old. He is now 18 – and a very smart company will snatch him up if they want an amazing salesman – just look what he can do at 11 and eventually eliminate cursive writing in schools. I’m just glad he does not have visions of taking over the world….

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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