You Snooze You Lose

Sometimes annoying little rhyming phrases just sum it up so well.

Here is the thing about me – I am not only a writer, I am a communicator.  Which means I talk, a lot; and I try to make sure my message is clear, understood and on point.

This means for some of my friends they look at me and tell me I talk too much.  For others they appreciate the effort that I put into my communication.

What I find is sometimes, no matter how delicately, succulently or even kindly that I communicate my message it gets lost.  Therefore I revert back to annoying little rhyming phrases.

I talked to friend a while ago who wants to pursue an opportunity.  Great – go get them.  Well, not so fast.

They hem and haw about it, they say they don’t want it but they continually ask about it, check to make sure the opening is still there, hint around about it to the management and are generally trying to play it cool.

In other words they are being kinds stupid.  Like the guy that likes you but doesn’t want to admit he likes you so he acts like a 16 year old being cool to make sure you notice he doesn’t like you while he’s trying to not like you, but really likes you.

Yeah, like that.

After a few weeks of this it took a turn for the worse for them.  Another associate in the company had casually mentioned the opportunity.  Uh oh, there is another guy on the outskirts of the picture here!

So my friend starts getting all panicky.  At work they are acting even more aloof but in private they are freaking out.

I asked about the aloof behavior and was basically told that the management should “know” they want the opportunity.  Then they started getting a bit of an attitude.  Yup, that officially turned it into drama and I felt the great desire and need to end it at that point.

So I calmly, eloquently and flatly said, “You snooze you lose.”

My friend looked at me like I had three heads.

Because the dating analogies seem to be the ones that are best understood I kept on that theme for them.

I told my friend he was acting like the “like you but don’t want you to know I like you” guy.

I told them they are afraid they won’t make the cut on the opportunity and are wanting the company to come beg them to take it.  They are afraid the girl will say no so they are trying to get the girl to say she wants something so he can be all cool about it and say ‘I guess if that’s what you want’.

Stop it you moron.

No one is going to beg you to come take the opportunity.  You have to tell them you want it and then you have to prove you deserve it.  They are not mind readers and we have all survived our teenage years and quite frankly, no one wants to go back.

If you do not man up and tell them then another candidate will come in and man up themselves.  They will get the girl and it will be no one’s fault but your own.  She’s not going to try to figure out what is going on in your pee-brain, if you don’t tell her and someone else does then of course she will go out with the other guy!

So you are afraid of rejection – duh, who isn’t?  Suck it up cupcake and go get the damn job!  If you don’t you are going to kick yourself in the butt every time you see the girl with the other guy and think I shoulda, woulda, coulda…

I really don’t do drama well.  There was a lot of silence after this little one way communication and for a bit we did not speak very often and when we did it was not about the opportunity.

My friend text me today and said he spoke to his manager earlier in the week and they are meeting today to discuss the opportunity and to wish him luck.


Was that really so hard?

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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