Your Whim May Be Another’s Monotony

This weekend someone told me that their friend got married on a whim.  Married…..on a whim. A whim.  Seriously.  Seriously? Seriously!


My whims are more in the range of choosing Italian over Chinese for dinner or meeting up with friends last minute.  Marriage does not fall in my whim category.  I guess my whims are pretty boring.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to marriage and it isn’t one of my goals in life.  I’ve been married and maybe one day I’ll be married again, but it is not something I approach in a whimsical manner.


Having this marriage-whim thing rattle around in my brain this weekend I realized that what may look like a nightmare to you may be a golden opportunity to someone else.


It is a matter of perspective and shape of your comfort zone.


Some may find it romantic to marry on a whim; others may find it a terrifying thought.  How they react is a matter of their perspective and how they could relate to the thought personally based on their own feelings and experiences.


Career or job opportunities can be seen in the same light.  If something presents itself one person may jump at the chance while another could shrink in fear.  Maybe it isn’t so much what is presented right there in front of us, but everything that comes with it.


Maybe the key is the jump at the chance people can see beyond what is right there and see all the doors that this opportunity could open.  Or perhaps they are able to see it in such a light that it is actually a kaleidoscope of colored lights that envelop all sorts of positive possibilities for their life.


The shrinkers may only be able to see the opportunity as a one time overwhelming event.  Maybe they cannot see what else could lead to this or how it in some twisted, topsy-turvy way actually fits into the road that they should follow.


I don’t know who got married all I can say is: congratulations and I wish them well.


Maybe the people who got married had been planning on doing so for some time.  Maybe they decided to forgo an elaborate celebration for an intimate one.  Maybe they were bored – who knows.  I can only assume they did what worked for them and more power to them.


Maybe when something that sounds crazy come across our path we should bite our tongue on our first thought of “oh hell no” and give it a moment.  Perhaps we should pull out a prism and see how this single point of light is actually made up of all sorts of beautiful colors.  Then we might be able to see how it can work in our favor instead of scarring the crap out of us.


Maybe we should be brave and try.  Maybe I need to expand my whim list – not to include marriage, I’m not that brave – but maybe a step or two outside my comfort zone.


Perhaps instead of closing doors we should leave them cracked and open up the windows as well.  You never know when an opportunity will present itself or what kind of crazy whim might just break you free.


Maybe a little more whimsy is what we all need.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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