Certified master mindset, COnfidence & transformation life Coach

You Have the Ability to Go Beyond!

Imagine what you will achieve, let go of, and finally own once you get rid of fear, liming beliefs, and imposter syndrome. Do you  know what that feels like? Confidence. Clarity. Power. Intentionality. Your life. Your rules. Right now.


What's Your Achilles Heal?

Is your career amazing yet still feel unfulfilled? Are you highly-accomplished personally and feel lost when it comes to your professional calling? Are you tired of faking confidence?

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? 

Good news – you’re in the right place to get off that rollercoaster. 


It's easy for people to assume you've got it all together and have all the answers because you shine in one area of your life.


And you start to tell yourself that maybe you should, everyone expects you to, so why haven't you figured this out?


Then doubt or fear creeps in. You lose confidence. The rollercoaster begins and you grow further away from your goal

to Confidence

You're not alone. We'll find and uproot the seeds of doubt, fear or uncertainty and replace them with confidence and power.

Gain Control of Your Life Through Real Clarity, Confidence, and Power.

I know what it’s like to be seen as successful, strong, achievement-driven and yet be plagued with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs and fear. 

Here’s the key: confidence isn’t a feeling. It’s a muscle you’re born with. We’re going to rediscover it, work it, build it, so you flex that baby and live your life, on your terms, hitting your goals, in all areas of your life, for YOU – now!

your story with


What do you want in order to feel joy living to your fullest potential. 


Empowered accountability; actions & beliefs in line with the whole you.


Develop a growth mindset to develop real, lasting confidence.

Stop faking, take action

Need a Confidence Boost?

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Ready for change?

I will support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. Together we will kick the thoughts & beliefs that have held you back to the curb!

"Hi, I'm Lisa - a recovering people-pleaser who found herself wandering aimlessly between self-pity to self-sabotage. Until I decided I deserved to be happy, be the real me, whoever that was. When I learned the why and how of real change, it was a game changer. I discovered who I really am, let go of guilt, made peace with fear and finally started to live. I have purpose, joy, and peace now. If this sounds good to you, come join me on this adventure of life!”

Come join me on an amazing 90-day transformation journey: identify what’s really been holding you back, get committed to the change you want, and develop an action plan to get you were you want to be with a 7-step proven, practical process.

I’m Lisa K McDonald and I’m on a mission to help people live life fully.  My credentials include being certified as: Master Mindset Coach, Transformation Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner,  Career Coach….

lisa k mcdonald
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What My Clients are Saying

Lisa is the best at what she does, you get results. That's why I've referred her to friends, my brother, my ex....
Mark L. - Indiananpolis, IN
Her straightforwardness, ability to hear what's underneath, and holding up a mirror helped me make real changes that I needed but hadn't been able to make on my own.
Stephen E - Nashville, TN
Working with Lisa is transformational personally and professionally. She helped me develop the confidence, skills, and mindset to achieve my goals.
evan S. - New York, NY
Honest, supportive, funny, direct - these are just a few things I appreciate about you, and the fact you keep me motivated!
Heather - Tampa, FL

Supercharge your results

Journaling has been found to help improve and increase coaching benefits. It is something I practice and encourage. However, I realize not everyone is familiar or had a positive experience with journaling - that's why I created

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benefits of Journaling

Learn of the many types of benefits for every aspect of your life and health.

types of Journaling

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