New Rules to an Old Game

My little dog Misfit escaped a few minutes ago and I just saw her run by the house. I waved.

She still loves to go explore, even after being here for three years. It is a really fun game to her. She bolts out of the house and runs like the wind. We used to become frantic and go chase her throughout the neighborhood for an hour or more running around like crazy people all chasing this little dog who was having so much fun. Not any more.

I decided to change the rules. I don’t chase her any more. I crack open the garage door and open the main door and wait for her to return. She always does, it is not much fun when no one is chasing you.

So many times we get in ruts about our routines and continue to meet challenges or failures but refuse to look to see what we could be doing differently. Sometimes it is a change of attitude or a change in action, large or small. But changes must be made. Remember the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I have enough insanity in my world, I do not need to add to it by creating it myself!

So as the new year approaches take a look at how you have been pursuing something that you want. For example your job search. Are you meeting with the same group over and over with no results? Are you sending out the same resume over and over with no results? Perhaps is it time to take back some power and change your methods. Stop chasing the little dog.

Oh look, she’s back. She’s a little Puggle popsicle right now, but she is back. My little Misfit is back home and by changing my ways it did not take hours of chasing her around but less than a half an hour in which I was able to do something productive during that time.

Sometimes a change in your approach is all it takes to not only get the results you want, but be even more satisfied with them.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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