If You Just Did It My Way…

My son has been staying with me this month before he moves into his own apartment. Now even though I was a single mom for many, many years and it was just he and I for the majority of his life, I have to admit I did adapt pretty quickly when he moved out a few months ago to stay with friends. It has been good to have him home, although it is more just seeing each other in passing, I can feel his presence when he is not around. In more ways than one…

We both really like bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. When he eats them it is more what us old people would call lunchtime, just saying… Anyway I went in for my morning bagel this morning and found myself asking the dogs why Jake cannot, for the life of him, but a twisty tie back on any open bag of bread. It’s just a thing that is a quirk with me. Just tie the little sucker back up when you are done, something I have always asked. Not a lot to ask, I don’t think, so why is it so darn difficult?

I remember asking him once this very question and he said, “Why don’t you leave it off to make it easier, it’s gonna come off anyway.” The dreaded other side of the coin, darn it. Although he has a point, it is not my point. And just what is my point, well, when it boils down to it, my point is this: why can’t you just do it my way?

Oh, life would be so much easier if people just did things my way, but I realize that just is not going to happen, darn it. I think too many of us try to get people to do things our way when in reality, it really doesn’t matter.

The bagels will not be in the fridge long enough to go bad so that little twisty tie is not really helping anything anyway. Maybe we all just need to relax a little and realize some of the things we fight for are just not worth it just to be “right”. There isn’t a real right or wrong in this, just a twisty tie.

I have had to let go of this one, only because my son has me beat. Now, the twisty tie thing disappears. He either throws it away, which I highly doubt, or he hands it to the new puppy and says, “Destroy this” which the puppy happily does. Great, now he has the new puppy in cahoots. Either way, I still enjoyed my bagel this morning and can worry about bigger issues in the world, like making sure he puts new pop in the fridge when he takes the last cold one out….

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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