Mondays are Mulligans

I love the little cartoons and pictures of puppies/kitties about hating Monday – they are all so cute.  Ok, I’m a sucker for puppies and kitties anyway so maybe that isn’t a good reference.


In honesty, I used to not be a fan of Mondays because I was in the trap of looking at them with dread.  Oh no! The weekend is over.  Oh no! A new work week.  Oh no! I have to get up early.


Let’s face it, sometimes my weekends are busier than my work week.  I love what I do so I do not dread going to work.  Lastly – I never have been nor will be a morning person.


My mom told me that she and my step-dad are working the polls tomorrow.  I told her that was awesome.  She told me they had to be there at 5 am.  I told her to have fun with that.


I am now okay with Mondays, we have a pretty good relationship now.  The reason: I stopped calling them Mondays.


I now refer to them as Mulligans.


They are a do-over!


We get to start the week fresh, new and decide how we want the week to go.  What a great opportunity.  Every single week you have the chance to make it better than the last or go in a whole new direction.


How great is that?


So here is to Mulligans!  How are you using this opportunity to do it over?



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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